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    Posted December 21, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Congressional Republicans Sink US Economic Ship of State


    Are  Republican members of Congress ready for this headline on January 1st:  "Congressional Republicans Sink US Economic Ship of State"?

    If  elected members of the GOP are not ready, they need to get ready for  the backlash which may affect 2014 elections. The divisiveness among the  Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives, so evident by the  inability of House Speaker John Boehner being able to find a compromise  even among his own party, is going to bring down many a legislator and  no one will be to blame, but those obstinate legislators that have the  mindset of "my way or the highway" which they so often label President  Barack Obama of displaying.

    While  the President did not receive a mandate in the recent election, neither  did Republicans. The only mandate that came out of returning a divided  government to Washington was that Americans are demanding that the two  parties work together for the good of the nation and not the political  parties.

    As  Representatives and Senators flee the Capitol City to spend Christmas  with their families are they prepared for the backlash, the angry phone  calls, the confrontations many of them will face from constituents fed  up with the continuing gridlock and inability to work together as adults  instead of children on a playground?

    There  is a middle road and it is incumbent on both Congressional Republicans  and Democrats as well as the President to find that center and hammer  out a course of action that is to the benefit of all Americans and not  just a few and without being so ideologically entrenched that the US  economy plunges over the fiscal cliff and sinks beneath a sea of  recession and more unemployment.

    As  things stand now, every American taxpayer will be paying more to a  government that has shown it does not know how to handle the revenues it  already receives. As things stand now, business expansion and economic  growth are in jeopardy. As it is now, America may soon sink back into  the depths of recession. As it stands now, those who have finally  started back to work may soon find themselves without a job yet again.

    This is unacceptable.

    In  this season of goodwill, it is more than passed time for Republicans  and Democrats to put aside differences and find a solution. It's time  for Republicans to start working together rather than tearing the party  apart into rigid camps of obstinancy.

    What is also unacceptable is for our elected officials to go on holiday when the nation is on the verge of a financial tsunami.

    From  the Cornfield, I just hope lawmakers, especially Republican  legislators, are prepared to suffer the consequences and take personal  responsibility for their lack of inaction.

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