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    Native Protests Gain International Support


    Canadian First Nations have gained international support through peaceful protests and rallies held across Canada, in malls and in the streets of cities across Canada and highway blockades.


    Chief Theresa Spence is now on her 10th day of hunger strike, demanding to meet the to meet with Prime Minister Harper to discuss outstanding matters regarding the state of First Nations in Canada and the latest legislative enactments which were passed by the Canadian Parliament.


    Support for Chief Spence and First Nations protests is reaching as far as the UK, Middle East, London, and the US. Along with rallies such as "Settlers in Solidarity!".


    First Nations feel that a change in Government is necessary and that there are underlying agendas to "exterminate the Indian" has always maintained through time and change of government. Concerns regarding this hidden agenda has always been the political strife for First Nations and has always been resilient regardless of the ruling party in Canada. This indicates that there are "secrets" in the Canadian government and North America. First Nations believe that this agenda is being held by a hand full of individuals and in secret and celebrated amongst the secret societies as an "accomplishment" to bigger goals. It has always been held that First Nations are just practice for what lies ahead and groups like the Bilderberg group and Masonic and subsidiary groups have held this secret agenda like it is a ceremony to gain control of society and humankind. It has always maintained control of the finance, military, media, and government. It is rumored that Prime Minister Harper is a Mason. If this fight is lost then dire consequences for the fate of humanity are imminent, "it has always been apart of our social conscious on a global scale" more so in our homelands than anyplace else. First Nations ask that the world stand up against this global oppression and agenda's held in secret. It is time for humankind to awaken and maintain humanity for humankind!


    A Nation like Canada has always maintained that it is a country of Peace and Goodwill and have opened the door to the peoples of the world and offered a haven to escape political tyranny and oppression. Yet those who come to Canada and the United States and find that First Nations face the very oppression, tyranny and political crimes being committed against the original inhabitants, which is unbelievable. In a first world nation, First Nations live in third world conditions.


    Prophecy has always been held by the Cree People "that this land (Canada) is the place that the world is going to live." This spiritual guidance has always been held as God's plan and should not be argued which led to the signing of the Treaties in Canada. Which were signed in peace and brotherhood.


    Rallies in Canada signify the strife of human kind against oppression and political tyranny. Bill C-45 is a governmental imposition which the empowers the government to unilaterally surrender lands back to the Federal Crown. Bill C-45 also creates an environmental catastrophe which does not protect bodies of water and rivers in Canada, before Bill C-45 there were 2.7 million protected bodies of water and rivers, after Bill C-45 there were 97 bodies of water and rivers protected. This type of governmental action requires detailed and careful consideration, which the Conservative government has weakened though political pandering of the Canadian system of government. The Conservatives single handily managed to take away the power of the people and the power of government to facilitate its agenda which benefits none but a darker motive reflected on the world stage. Under previous governments massive bills like Bill-C45 underwent scrutiny by the Canadian Parliament and Senate, yet the Conservatives had reshaped through reform how Bills are reviewed by government processes. Canadian Senators who fought against the bill and criticized that they were not given the opportunity for Senate to give the bill extensive review, as massive bills like Bill C-45 deserved, which was 457 pages and amended 57 pieces of Canadian Legislation and created 2 new Pieces of Legislation. Such bills require the input of Parliament and Senate which was denied or limited. This puts Canada from a classification of a democratic state and leans the free country to a state of fascism.


    These mechanism of public opinion and input have always been the cornerstone of the western world, which provided that North American be the "light of the free world". These very ideals of freedom and democracy sparked formations such a groups like the Mason's. Now its about control and domination of the free will and freedom of humankind as the old adage goes "plans held in secret" and "absolute power corrupts absolutely" have created a litney of smoke, mirror and viels. Who is to stand against secret agenda's held against the freedom, liberty, peace and security? Canada's First Nations are willing to take that stand and its gaining the attention of the free world!

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