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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    The Truth About Rifles


    First off, assault rifles have been banned since 1986. The phrase assault rifle you keep throwing around means a rifle that fires an intermediate cartridge and is capable of select fire. Intermediate means that it fires a round that is between a submachine gun round and a rifle cartridge, such as a .30-06. Select fire means it can be switched from semi-auto(1 round for 1 trigger pull), burst fire(generally 2-3 rounds per trigger pull), or full auto.
    According to the FBI, whom I think we can all agree is a fairly unbiased source, 323 homicides were reported for 2011 that were attributable to rifles. That's all rifles. Compared to 728 murders with "hands, fist, feet" 1,694 were caused by knives or cutting instruments. You may verify those statistics at fbi.gov under the Expanded Homicide Data Table 8.
    The media has been entirely irresponsible in what it is reporting. These rifles are used extensively in the sport of 3-Gun. They are also one of the most widely used rifles for hunting in America. The bullets don't explode on impact or "shred" deer. They are also widely preferred for home defense due to their ergonomics and the effectiveness they hold over using a pistol in a life or death situation. Not to mention the added advantage of being able to have 30 rounds available. Anyone who's actually been in a life or death situation knows that the brain releases a chemical cocktail into the body and this causes one's motor functions to deteriorate. This is reduced through constant practice though it is always present. In a low light or a no light scenario when someone breaks into a home, you must assume they are there to do your family harm and you must stop them. You will miss. It's dark, your adrenaline is pumping and you are afraid. If you don't stop them, they may stop you and harm your family. There is no other option. Police officers RESPOND to crime. They don't and can not always prevent it.

    With all that being said, the cry for an Assault Weapons Ban, which isn't even true to it's name as they are already banned, has already been proven to not work. It didn't prevent Columbine from happening and it didn't contribute to lowering the crime rate.
    This tragic incident was an anomaly. More children get killed on our nation's highways than in school shootings or gun violence period.
    The fact of the matter is that the reason we have such low violent crime rates is because of the high density of gun ownership in this country. Shall Issue Concealed Carry jurisdictions scare criminals. They are predators looking for prey that won't fight back. If they know a home is defended they won't break in. That's why the majority of home invasions occur in this country while the home owners are not present. They're afraid of getting shot. In the UK there were approximately 2,090,000 violent crimes reported. they have 1/5th of our population yet have over 850,000 more total violent crimes that we do. They have a gun ban. Check http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/crime-stats/crime-statistics/period-ending-march-2012/trends-in-crime--a-short-story.html
    Australia also has a higher rate of violent crime. They also both have confiscated firearms from their citizens. Could be something there don't you think?


    There are just over 300 people murdered by all types of rifles a year and somehow our solution is to ban a type of weapon that was used for maybe a fraction of that? It's illogical.
    The media has failed the American public. Your job is to inform the electorate, not horrify it and scare it. That's what you're doing. You're grossly and negligently misleading the nation on the facts. I'm sure this won't actually end up going anywhere though just like the story about the 22 year old Concealed Weapon Permit holder that presented his weapon at the mall shooter in the Clackamas Mall. The shooter saw that 22 year old's weapon pointed at him and shot himself. The 22 year old had held his fire because there were innocent people behind his target. That kid put himself in danger... more so even by not shooting, because he is the person who decides if that trigger gets pulled, and saved lives. 2 people died that day by a murderer, not 26.
    But that nor what I have written today seems to fit the narrative.

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