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    Posted December 23, 2012 by
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    Why YOU should have one

    The message to the non-gun owners of america. Why these weapons are important to me and you. I know the exact problem and solution. Let me explain.

    My father was never a full supporter on Weapons. During the 1980’s his country went on a full scale civil war and much of that story didn’t go well. One conversation he had with my mother was he clearly remember the regular army killing the civilians. I would never think any army would kill an unarmed civilian, clearly it did happened. El Salvador had death squads that left mutilated bodies to keep the population in fear and in total control.

    That is something extreme, and you would think, “It wont happen to me, there are laws, news and media.” The exact situation happens everyday. EVERY DAY. Not in this country, but somewhere else.

    After my parents moved to the U.S. to get away from the communist control and horrors of the civil war, I was born in the United States. My parents wanted me and my sibling to have a better live and I’m fully thankful. My dad still doesn’t believe everyone shouldn’t get a weapon, only the police and the armed personnel in the forces, but is that the same thing that happened to the country that got separated. The only people who were armed were just that two. No guns to the population, no chance for self defense and survival.

    Go ahead, read about the massacre. It was for the anti-communist campaign, and i know more than half weren’t guilty, didn’t have rights, weren’t in court, just shot point blank without good cause and justice.

    My point is that story will never happened here in America because the 2nd amendment to the constitution. The civilians have the right to be Armed and should exercise that right. Also that right shouldn’t be about war or conflict. That's my next point. It should be more about the responsibility of loving our kids. Think about. If you love your kids, care for them, taught them about life from the beginning to end, why would he or she think about killing innocent civilians to start with? They wouldn't. And that’s the problem! No parenting and supervision on the child's life! Parents should first, control their child and have them understand they are loved. If they don't feel loved, they wouldn’t be a good citizen and care too much about the next person. Then that child will become a twisted adult who kills for the attention and sickness. It’s all about parenting.

    My son will be loved and understand that the world isn’t perfect. He will inherit my AR-15 and master it to its full potential. He will learn that this is for a purpose to defend him and his family but also can be used for destruction. If he learn the way it was suppose to be taught, i did my duty as a GOOD parent and a American.

    If you can’t handle the parenting, don’t have kids, because that kid would be the problem to society.

    That’s the answer.

    I also target shoot and go plinking on the slow/boring weekends. Try it. You will be surprised.
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