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    Posted December 24, 2012 by
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    We are Worthless.

    I am worthless.
    I spent 8 years overseas serving my nation as a United States Marine. I came home and within months, several shootings occurred that called into question the 2nd Amendment.
    I joined the NRA because they’re trying to stem the flood and prevent the erosion of my ability to own arms. Which is something I do for enjoyment, a hobby if you will. Just like your countless hours spent in front of the newest reality television show, or your nights out at the movies.
    I also am a realist. Having become very familiar with the ugly reality that is mankind, I know that my guns are what prevent me from becoming prey to a predator. This line of thinking is strange when you look at how it’s being discussed in our nation today.
    People will tell you that only the police should have these rifles to fight criminals. Police will not be where I am if a criminal attacks me in my home. Police aren’t required to protect my home while I sleep. So would could follow that same line of thinking that Police need this AR15 rifle to fight criminals…so wouldn’t I also need it to fight criminals should they attack my home while I slumber.
    The President who calls for my guns has armed men protecting him and his family. An entire legion of armed personal protects the 1st Family, which means he recognizes the necessity of the gun when it comes to protection. Should I not also be afforded that same protection or is his life worth more than mine?
    Mayor Bloomberg who calls for me to rid myself of my guns has armed bodyguards. Is his life more important than mine?
    Senator Dianne Feinstein has a concealed carry license yet screams for my guns to be removed from my possession. Is her life more important than mine?
    The news personality David Gregory calls for my 30 round P-Mags that saw me through 3 combat tours without a malfunction and mocks the idea of armed security for our nation’s children. He does these things while breaking Washington D.C. law and waving a magazine, that you are forbidden to POSSESS, touting the effectiveness of a law that he himself proved the futility of. His children enjoy an armed security presence by the mere fact that the President’s children go to the same school. Your children may not. His are more important.
    We are worthless. We do not deserve protection. Only they and theirs do. Go back to your jobs and your reality television. Hope nothing happens to you and yours. Be afraid. You and yours are worthless.

    We, the people, are worthless.
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