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    Posted December 24, 2012 by
    Macomb, Illinois
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    Why an AR-15?

    I am retired from the United States Marine Corps and well trained on the M-16, M-14, M-9 and .45 Colt. I have used the M-16 in combat and know well its capabilities. But I will not go to a civilian rifle range with even a .22 single shot rifle. They lack discipline, control and what I am most afraid of is fools who have bought an AR-15 and think they know how to use it. The AR ownership should be limited to those who have honorable discharges or currently serving or civilian who have completed, at a minimum, 80 hours of training with the AR. In that training should be a psych evaluation that will ensure that ownership is by a person competent to own any firearm. Magazines should never exceed what the manufacturer provides with no exceptions and convicted criminals attempting to purchase a firearm should have to serve a mandatory three years in a federal prison (no country club) in Alaska or Arkansas. Its time to make punishment, just that punishing for those violating our gun laws.

    Lets make our gun laws have a modicum of common sense in them. Not everybody needs or should own an AR type rifle, especially in an urban area,
    Let New York and Chicago pass their gun legilsation as they are environments that only they understand and they should not interfere with gun ownership in rural American as that is an environment that those in an urban environment do not have a clue about. I wonder if the mayor of Chicago has ever gone camping in Southern Illinois, let alone the west? Same with the Mayor of New York.

    Well that is my .02 cents worth, so be it.
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