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    Posted December 25, 2012 by
    Powhatan, Virginia
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    Why responsible Americans should own firearms


    Ill have to rewrite this and include a proper picture when i am back home and not trying to do this on my phone. My name is Jason McCabe, I am a 26 year old FFL dealer in Va. I am a long time owner of many different types of firearms including multiple handguns and assault rifles. Firearms are a passion and hobby of mine that I am seeing slip away now with the talk of banning certain firearms, and not being able to enjoy a day at the range with my friends and family members due to restriûctions on my firearms and inability to get ammo. Like most all firearm owners, I was in great shock and felt much sorrow apron hearing about the Sandy Hook shooting, and I felt great anger towards the shooter and even his mother for not being a responsible gun owner and realizing her son had mental problems and she probably should not have such firearms in his reach. I conceal carry a handgun for personal protection, and after this incident I now won't leave the house with out it. Had I been near this school and known about this I would have done anything I could to enter this school and subdue the shooter before he could have done any more damage. I feel that more responsible people like me carrying firearms will help protect citizens from deranged people wether they have a gun, bomb, knife, or even a can of gas and a lighter. I feel like arming staff at schools and training them to use firearms is a good idea to keep incidents like this from happening as well. I am also all for tighter gun laws to keep firearms from people that don't deserve them, and even to go as far as to evaluate people that want to own firearms and give them permits to own different firearms to assure they do not have mentally challenged children in their homes that these firearms will be kept at. I also feel that all these anti gun people are rather clueless when they attack responsible firearms owners like myself, and that these people don't seem to have the strength or even will to protect themselves and their loved ones from criminals with guns or knives and such. I feel as if a ban on firearms is ridiculous because this would mean it will keep firearms out of the hands of responsible people and then only criminals that have obtained firearms illegally will own them. I believe the gun show loop hole should be closed and all firearms sales should go through a FFL dealer with a background check. I have many good ideas to keep firearms from people that don't deserve them and only wish I could talk to these morons in office that think the answer is banning everything. I have spent the last four months putting together a business plan to start a firearms shop in the town I live in, only to see my dreams be crushed by these incidents that could have been prevented or stopped. I strongly believe that violent video games and movies are poisoning the minds of youth in this country, and the lack of good parenting and good morals in families results in people like the Sandy Hook shooter. I would love to have people read this and even contact me with questions or comments as I am sure many people agree and disagree. I will continue to work to protect my rights for my hobby and to defend myself and others no matter the situation, wether it be riots, robberies, or even the end of the world! Thanks for your time and I hope this came out right as it is rather late at night.

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