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    Free Energy Tesla ?Hutchison Effect Energy



    An interesting Project is going on here,I found by chance  on the net threw Facebook http://www.gofundme.com/hutchison-effect-energy

    I work in medias and found this interesting Alternative Energy Project and I put the URL to the video,

    Nikola Tesla was a turn of the century Electrical Engineer who discoverd radio and,alternating current plus many other very interesting things.


    A future project for me in my journalism course .

    My journalist Attempt below


    Mr Hutchison Has been featured on many T.V shows On CNN, TRU TV, Discovery Channel  Fox Plus 300 othersTV Shows  And about 800 Radio shows.

    Film offers, Book offers ,and Published books

    Tracy Boyd and Micheal Greise in 2008 Wrote Mr.Hutchison , In regards to a book publication and feature film

    This  activity went on for months with meetings in Vancouver B.C Canada  included in the communication gruop where Charles Bombardie , Kevin  Alber of Hollywood  plus others THIS went on for months then abrupty  stopped  ,


    2005  Laura Saba in New York  made contact to Mr Hutchison with  PROPOSAL  LIKE THE ABOVE and this was on and off for a number of years saying   nothing to show as of today 2012

    Jim Cheery of Miriamax Motion  Pictures came to visit Mr Hutchison for some months and  video taping  for a feature film  in 2000 but nothing again

    I  have to mention that their where many who made promises   Mr Hutchison kindly forwarded me  the emails to confirm this.

    Books  Published on Mr Hutchison ;  Mindbenders 2009 by George Hathaway an  electrical engineer in Canada and Mr Hutchison partner with the SDIO  Program the book has some    great forwards from Scientists on the main  cover  such colorfull folks like ;Col John Alexander and others  but the  book was a bad attempt Ill leave it as that as my journalism is not  that good ,

    The Hunt For Zero Point by Nick Cook Of Janes Defence Weekly was very well written book

    There are books published in Japan on Mr Hutchison and Germany and Canada

    Mr Hutchison is featured mentioned in many other books ,To many to list here


    Scientific  Papers Well then !  there are many but the problem is they are   fragmented publications world wide  very fragmented Secret type goings  on  in publications  as well,

    I  can only name a few  names, York ,  M.I.T  , DREP ,SAIC,Los Alamos , Mx Plantc , BAM ,Ken Shoulders ,  DR.Lorn Kuehne DSTI  Rene Vallee , Andrie Sakorove , Plus to many to  list here Trust me lots of interesting folks ,

    In the fragmented  state  These publications If combined  Would show a greater picture of  The Hutchison Effect   Yet from my contacts  and other sources There are  many little secret groups that want to keep it silent , egos agendas  and so on and forth .

    The Hathway Liechtstenstein Col Aexander Connection?since the early 80s

    Then  their s  the German Group The Gode Institutes , Timo Junker , DR.Ludwig  who video tapped the  lab running in late 2007 with weeks of footage   !   IT WAS LUCKY  M r Hutchison was given this footage  from the above   mentioned group in Germany And the Germans bouth the lab" A tiny $50 000  PITANCE !!!  then Mr Hutchison   took the given footage from the German  2007 FILM Blitz and  uploaded the  30 gigabits  to Youtube  in 2011

    I can find no information on the Gode Group But  Liechtstenstien is connected in this group Yes folks it goes on and on and on


    Well this is but a few Adventurs of Mr Hutchison I only touched upon a few in this tiny Article of Mine.


    This  On/going Adventure would fill a book!!!!!  and i have not coverd the  Gulf of Mexico of one year. With Mr.Hutchisons travels   plus the  Government  of other lands ,Spies Secret agents Sandi labs  ON AND ON  !!!!!!!


    Mr Hutchison has all the endless documentation on the above


    So moving on in my Jouralistic course ----------------


    As  to mention also  as well in my story here  on Mr Hutchison ongoing  adventures   with many visiting High Profile members of Governments   USA, Canada, Japan ,Germany  Including HSH Prince Hans Adam 2  Liechtstenstien ,  Donald  Rumsfeild ,Dennis Kuchinich, Berkly Bedell,  Thomas Messer, Mr Hiroshi  Yamabe, Charles Bombardie  and Celebrties

    "LOTS"  and other billionairs, Millionairs Who funded Mr Hutchison in the past  With great results to show to for his efforts in the Hutchison effect  Lift and Disruption System LADS named by Pharos technologies gruop


    Mr Hutchison's projects have been featured in the USA Pentagon In 2006 as well to the Reagan administration in 1983 SDIO Program

    Some these above mentioned folks in high places have even appeared on  some of the above mentioned T.V Shows 'To name just

    one  ---Col.John Alexander of INSCOM Global Security Command USA Army  Intelligence ,Apeared on Beyond Invention Discovery Channel T.V Show and  as well Shatnoff Lipman Entertainment  Strange Science Series T.L.C T.V


    Mr  Hutchison and his funders Of the Hutchison Power cells "Free Energy" A  simple process of small power generation technology  where met with pure  apathy, Investors and Hutchison Where rather shocked at the attitude of  Corporations! Not howeverThe Hutchison Effect That was wildly accepted  In high places World wide ! to name two Lockheed Martin , Los Alamo ,


    As  i understand it Mr Hutchison is going to build some  free energy units   and give it away to interested parties and is trying to get funds to do  this,

    2012 time frame

    Mr Hutchison's Projects now are  Enviromental  Free Energy cells to show the  to the public as mentioned  in his gofunder project  listed aboveURL a give away to the public ! as  he has done with one system of  power cells  on his Youtube channel his  other project  Nuclear Radiation  Elimination,Mr Hutchison plans to make  public as well

    Mr Hutchison funding projects for building devices  to basicaly show and tell the the interested public and teach them as  well on how to make these power managment systems and devices I have  myself have donated under another name to the cause

    Mr Hutchison  goal is a tiny $15000 and already a third done with donations I suggest  going for at least $ 100.000 in todays price index  as it stands however  the goal is still set at $ 15000

    Good Luck Mr Hutchison Ihope you achieve the mark



    Mr  hutchison Has been hired  a few times to build invisable ships , The  Art of The Covenant , plus others shows for Discovery Channel

    Mr  Hutchison and without any PHD S is known to do impossable things  and  was regarded special to the Artifical Reef Society  as Mr Hutchison was  able to safely dismantle all parts of the Warships in Canada 4 Navy  destroyers  ,

    The cannons being the most dangerious with intricate  parts, springs,retainer pins, Mr Hutchison video taped this as well as  he told me ,


    Mr  Hutchison's main interests are Woman , Restoration of old machine tools  , Firearms , Nature , Ocean , swimming ,A history buff of American  History ,a very active Life Exstentiontist , TA65 , Vitamins plus others

    I have some Some interesting links http://www.slideshare.net/johnkhutchison and http://www.youtube.com/user/johnkhutchison1?feature=mhee Gee 1800 Videos ,


    Mr Hutchison has a fantastic sense of humor since childhood , He often makes funny You Tube videos Karla Kniption, Borass others

    This is an update  of January 2 2013

    I  asked Mr.Hutchison for more history on his Project and what information  he would like to convey to my readers  Mr Hutchison wrote back this to  me I corrected Typos and restructured the Email letter to me  as Mr .  Hutchison hates typing and his emails are hard to read for most folks

    his restructerd email is below

    Thank you for your email xxxxxxxxxxxx U.S.A.MXXXXX  here is some history

    THE barium Titanate   was bought from fair radio sales in Ohio its navy grade type  and  resonates at 18 kilocycles as tested  at Kyoto institute technology Takashi Ogiwara tester of the cylinder  as  seen in video ,
    the  motor generators used in this video are millitary surplus type that is  50 milliamperes to turn it only at 1 volt lowest power  and will go to 30  volts dc and 100 milliampers weight of moter  generators 15 pound each .
    the   circuit board used in this video   is  a variable multi tank circuits  open air coils and fixed capacitors  that sets up a resonance between the  motor generator and cylinder  however   i feel at this  point is not as reliable as the japan energy  devices i built for my  investors and shown on main medias  a number of  years ago,
    i have  videos  of these units demonstrated  in Hiroshima  where they are still in  operation iam told a few years ago by my  investor Hiroshi Yamabe  , my  other investor was Thomas Messer another  investor   of Messer gas in  Germany i had a few  investors over some  years who where very surprised with the  Apathy of  folks in regards to  free energy, alternative energy    we where at that  time where met with  Apathy true Apathy   in regards to get  the power cells out into the  manufacturing process and public so we  abandoned free energy,and i sold  off the power units to interested  folks, However the pentagon was  interested and Dr Hal Puthoff , Dr  Andrew Michrosky of PACE Yet there  funding never came as well  Investor  Richard Brewer civil engineer  of  Canada tar sands project was in  disbelief after we took a free energy  unit to the Canada Research  and  Development who said we would not know  what to do with this technology   that the military might be  interested  ,Richard left for the UK ,      Now with  YouTube folks the  world wide web one can reach the interested folks who  would build them  and use them
    with go fund  platform is to build a  reliable simple  free energy device Like the Hiroshima type , that where  funded   but  also  must be kept simple so the general public with some  skills can  build them and use them  a open sourced  project  for folks  who can  carry on this technology as i have other duties to be done
    the Gofunds donations will allow this to happen ASAP


    "Any suggestions on my journalism course is welcome"


    Thank You Casendra Miles P.H.D Cadet USA Army in training

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