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    Posted December 27, 2012 by
    Richmond, Virginia

    Richmond, Va Man Unethically Beaten And Tasered By Police

    On September 12, 2011 Mr. Prewitt was at Delux Bar 2229 West Main St. Richmond, Va. Mr. Prewitt admitted to drinking and driving. Mr. Prewitt left Delux and got into his vehicle to follow some friends to their house. Mr. Prewitt made a u- turn and ran a light onto Main St. Mr. Prewitt then noticed police lights in his rearview mirror, not knowing that they were for him he continued to drive until he noticed they were for him. He then made a left turn and stopped his car and cut the ignition off. Officer Kiniry approached Mr. Prewitt’s vehicle opened the driver side door and told Mr. Prewitt “get the f*** out of the car.” Mr. Prewitt asked Officer Kiniry “why do I have to get out the car?” Officer Kiniry replied “because you are under arrest.” Mr. Prewitt began to get out of the car while being pulled out by Officer Kiniry. Officer Kiniry then placed one handcuff on Mr. Prewitt and Mr. Prewitt asked “why am I being placed under arrest?” Then Officer Kiniry threw Mr. Prewitt to the ground and said “I’m going to f*** you up now you understand?” Officer Kiniry the kept saying to Mr. Prewitt “get on your belly”, Mr. Prewitt was on his belly while he received numerous blows to the head and face. Officer Kiniry had Mr. Prewitt in a choke hold from behind or as Mr. Prewitt described it a death grip. Mr. Prewitt continued receiving countless blows to the head and face while being pulled by his neck towards Officer Kiniry. Mr. Prewitt was being pulled and punched like a rag doll and feared for his life. Mr. Prewitt even gestured with his hands timeout due to the pressure on his throat while being suffocated. Mr. Prewitt stated that at this time he knew he was going to die. Mr. Prewitt heard sirens and knew at this time that Officer Kiniry would not kill him in the presence of other officers. To escape the torment and wait for backup Mr. Prewitt managed to get to his feet and got into his vehicle. While in his vehicle he heard the sirens getting closer and knew he just might survive. Officer Kiniry un-holstered his weapon and stated “if you move this car I will shoot you.” Mr. Prewitt’s vehicle was off and had no intentions of moving the vehicle. He does admit to touching the break on accident out of nervousness. Shortly after backup arrived and pulled Mr. Prewitt out of the vehicle. An officer swept Mr. Prewitt’s feet and he hit the ground where he placed his hands behind his back. While Mr. Prewitt’s hands were behind his back he continued to be punched by Officer Kiniry, another Officer then tasered Mr. Prewitt while he was on the ground face down. Officer Venerable sat on the hood of Officer Kiniry’s car and it look as if he was blocking the camera. Mr. Prewitt screamed in pain while he was tasered more, and his ankle was grinded into the ground. Mr. Prewitt describes his version of the Grand Jury proceedings of December 3, 2012 as “bias, faster than an Olympic Sprinter, a waste of tax payer’s money, and a joke. Mr. Prewitt was told that he would go before a jury of his peers. Mr. Prewitt described the Grand Jurors as not my peers. It was a total of 7 jurors 1 African-American, and 6 Caucasian ranging roughly in age 40-80. Mr. Prewitt said the first question he was asked by what looked to be the oldest juror was “are you still drinking?” Mr. Prewitt stated “no” and wondered what that had to do with him getting pulled out of his car being beaten and tasered. Later that day Mr. Prewitt received a phone call from Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike E. Hollomon. During the phone call Mr. Prewitt was informed that Officer Kiniry was not indicted. Mr. Prewitt was informed that the Grand Jury asked Mike E. Hollomon questions regarding the law as it states to Police battery and assault. Hollomon told Mr. Prewitt that he told the Grand Jury “there is no line for the police they do not have a limit to the amount of force that they can place on a citizen.” Mr. Prewitt feels that justice has not been served and that the system is designed to protect police and give them the power to violate citizens Civil Rights. Mr. Prewitt stated that “if the Richmond City Police were following proper protocol September 12, 2011 then citizens need be very afraid of the police because I was almost killed that night!” Mr. Prewitt said “he didn’t even ask for my license or registration or ask if I had any weapons, he just walked up to my car and pulled me out and began beating me.” The Richmond Police Department of Internal Affairs is still investigating, and soon will have the findings from their investigation. Mr. Prewitt states that he has spoken to various lawyers regarding this matter. Mr. Prewitt will be submitting a complaint to the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Mr. Prewitt has faith that Attorney General Eric Holder will ensure that justice prevails. Mr. Prewitt is in need of a Civil Attorney who is not afraid to stand up to the City of Richmond and the police department. He can be contacted via e-mail at aprewitt10@gmail.com and via phone at 773-571-1777. He has a police video from the night he was beaten with full audio. The News Story can be seen at http://wtvr.com/2012/12/19/anthony-prewitt-richmond-police-abuse-claims/
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