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    Posted December 28, 2012 by
    Newark, New Jersey

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    About an Hierarchical Rise

    all workdays
    a machine that seems connected with the brains
    via fingers
    a own demand of explanation
    an hectic restless entourage
    that sometimes requires quick execution
    to fulfill someone achievements
    and to get a stoic paycheck
    restrained by life
    that demands technique
    Trought completion of a plan

    synchronizes with your mind
    no wasted time
    helter-skelter evaluation
    helter-skelter troubleshooting
    speed-up, momentum, pick-up
    And an health insurance and a 401k
    methodically rambling along an abyss
    in a purposeless monologue
    commit to you're deadlines and audience

    accomplish + accomplish + accomplish
    Bonus+ Bonus+ Bonus
    Here you're submitting “teammates”
    because you're special
    “engaging the loop”
    like you uselly say
    a framework

    To increase the speed
    overloaded with ideas
    measuring performances
    of complete blank brains
    that call you Formulaic
    “Your Strength is you're Attitude”
    Another formulae
    and a non understanding
    that you're just another


    The sense of belonging to a cluster
    a clubber
    in you're understanding
    A major sense of superiority


    You're H 2O

    two atoms of humankind
    and one of otherworldliness Although it seems that the O
    have left you long ago
    though thou be faithful depository
    in earthly temples of shame

    In your mogul imbecility
    picturing yourself as a CPU
    the CPU's CPU
    "the central processor"
    when you have no OS embedded
    you are an allocation
    your life is obviously documented
    as any other
    so diverse and with such portability
    Reduced search and query costs
    so miserably empty full of everything
    that's what made you famous
    a legend
    the most hated of a kind
    Luxurious confort, lust
    and All that jazz

    A rotten grape in a generic wine
    The forgotten word
    "improving weaknesses"
    A lifestyle of convictions, and values with no intellect
    addressing to maximize

    “assembling to profit”

    and the Word, the written word the crafted word
    lost all the importance
    now a gravely well placed voice
    A way to achieve

    (iconifyied letter afraid of reprisals but almost sure that thy blindness does not reach this)

    Dusky Twilight
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