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    Posted December 31, 2012 by
    Matthews, North Carolina
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    You are being conned!

    First I would like to thank CNN for providing this forum for gun owners to express their views. Secondly I would like to make a Public Service Announcement to those of you that support the passage of Senator Diane Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban. Here it is.


    This bill will do nothing to make you safer. Look at the picture that I posted above. The object on the left is a pistol grip. It’s a piece of plastic, metal or wood that protrudes beneath the firearm. The shooter grips it with one hand to control the gun the same way one would grip a hair dryer, drill or fishing rod. Like the grips on these objects it is simply an ergonomic feature. The object on the right is a flash suppressor. It is a cylindrical piece of metal that screws on to the end of the barrel of the gun. As its name implies it suppresses flash. It does not eliminate the sound of the weapon being fired or completely eliminate the flash. It will not render a shooter silent and invisible to others. Under Sen. Feinstein’s bill a firearm that had either one of these characteristics would be banned. Its akin to saying that banning padded steering wheels and mufflers on cars would reduce accidents. Silly huh?
    I have heard many calling for “common sense” gun controls even those that are NRA members have expressed this wish. The problem is this bill is not common sense. Banning a firearm on cosmetic features is silly! In my view proper gun control is background checks, proof of ownership, safety training and storing firearms safely. This new assault weapons ban is more far-reaching than the first and amounts to gun prohibition not gun control.
    So why would one want a rifle like the AR-15 and why are they so popular? First many in the media have made some sensationalistic claims about this rifle and others. It will not shoot down airplanes, chop buildings in half and blow cars up with a single pull of the trigger. That’s Hollywood not real life. Most AR-15s are very well made. If something does go wrong they are easy to repair at home without the need of a gunsmith. They are very adaptable to the shooters wishes. Stocks, grips, sights, and even the caliber of the gun can be changed in minutes. They are used in 3 gun and high power rifle competitions. You can hunt with them. Yes that’s right people hunt with them. Most states consider the .223 the AR-15 round to be to small to humanely hunt with so one would have to use a variant of the rifle in a larger caliber. BUT WHO NEEDS A THIRTY ROUND TO HUNT WITH?! In most states this would be illegal hunters are limited to 3 to 5 rounds. If you did load 30 rounds and blast away Hollywood style you would most likely miss. There is a reason the military refers to this as “spray and pray”. An AR-15 can be used for home defense. WHAT AN ASSAULT WEAPON FOR HOME DEFENSE! Well actually any long gun be it shot gun, bolt-action rifle or “assault weapon” would be better than a handgun. Why? A long gun is stabilized from three positions fore grip (front of the gun) rear grip (back of the gun on the stock or pistol grip) and finally the stock on the shoulder. Handguns are difficult for some to shoot under normal conditions but just imagine a situation of extreme stress. Stabilizing from 3 points makes a huge difference.
    Any weapon in the hands of a madman or criminal is a bad thing. They will always prey on those among us that are defenseless. Suggesting that if a gun didn’t have certain features on it would have made a difference in these acts of evil we have seen lately is dishonest. I wish that evil could be legislated away but it can’t good people can only forever fight against it.
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