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    VW camper van memories

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    This brings back my camping memories


         Oh yes...it was a wonderful way to save money, enjoy nature and see America, I had em all, rare VW's Chevvys and fords. Later years my Son travelled with me and these vans became a nostalgic part of our lives !
          The VW Westfalias were underpowered with a 1600 motor almost impossible to work on as it was crammed into a small rear area and when the clutch wore out, which was too often, the motor had to be lowered on a jack to replace it and it wasn't cheap either !
          Later I had a few 80's Westfalias with the 2000 Porsche motors but the plastic water bottles were too close to the motor and used to over heat and burst, one time I broke down in the Nevada desert, it was a nightmare, then an old sheriff came along and called a tow truck...boy did they overcharge me for a short run !
          Another time I broke down in Phoenix and had to rent a U Haul to take one back to California. They were always breaking down but a lot of fun when they ran okay.
          The ford, chevvys and dodge vans had small 6 cylinder motors that didn't falter easily, they were in the front but sure got hot after a while.
          We travelled, ate and slept in those little vans, I was a single Dad and we had very little $ in those days and those vans really helped a lot.
          Nothing beats a camping trip and even today wealthy and famous folk love to go camping especially in the old 21 window VW's it's like something from the past but never really disappears from within you and it's a great family experience too ! Unlike today's luxury motorhomes and travel trailers taht are fitted like motel rooms, with the old campers you have a little kitchen and just enough room to sleep comfortably, you feel closer to nature !
          So if youv'e never done it get an old camper, grab the kids and take them for a camping trip, they'll love every moment and so will you it will make you feel young again !

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