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    Posted January 2, 2013 by
    Carbondale, Colorado

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    Problems With Vaccination Theory

    As I understand it, vaccination theory is based upon the following process: attenuated (weakened) pathogenic viruses are created in laboratories, and fragments of their proteins are used as vaccines. The theory goes that when injected or swallowed, these fragments trigger a mild immune system reaction that stimulates the body to produce antibody templates which the body stores and uses to produce more antibodies to protect you from getting a full-blown case of the illness you were exposed to when your are exposed to the same viral protein codes in the future.

    Problems arise when these foreign viral protein fragments become lodged in the body cells. They become lodged because the weakened viral fragments are not sufficiently virulent to trigger a full-blown immune system reaction. When your immune system is exposed to full-strength pathogenic viruses, it triggers a full-blown reaction that gets rid of all the viruses. However, since the attenuated forms used in vaccines purposefully do not trigger the full-blown immune system response, they may escape being destroyed by elevated white blood cell mobilization, and instead lodge in body cells, some in nerve tissues in the case of multiple sclerosis, and in muscles in the case of polio, etc.

    After these attenuated vaccine viral fragments get inside body cells, the body’s leucocytes, T-cells and phagocytes sense the presence of the foreign proteins. Since they are programmed to seek out and destroy any proteins they recognize as foreign, they then attack the body’s healthy cells that contain the vaccine’s protein fragments in an attempt to consume the foreign protein fragments which they recognize and consider to be the enemy.

    The presence of the foreign protein fragments within the body cells can trigger low-grade fevers and other symptoms of unresolved illness that can continue for the life of the vaccinated individual. The immune system, being unsuccessful at ridding the body of the foreign protein fragments can enter a state of chronic, long-term mobilization that drains the body of vital energy and other resources over time. This can then cause other symptoms of systemic failure that lead to mysterious dysfunction or collapse of entire organ systems, cells that mutate under the stress and become cancers, etc.

    Modern medicine does not understand why the immune system attacks seemingly healthy body cells in certain people. I believe they do this in people who possess fairly healthy immune systems, and don’t in people whose immune systems are not as sensitive and responsive. This theory can explain why people with MS, for example, who take supplements that stimulate the immune system do not benefit from them but find that their conditions are actually aggravated by such supplementation or drug therapies.

    By lodging within healthy cells and triggering an auto-immune response, they create auto-immune disorders such as arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cancer, etc. That’s why attempting to stimulate the immune system in individuals whose systems have become compromised by vaccines can actually cause more harm than good, because the problem then becomes how to stop the immune system from attacking the healthy cells that contain the attenuated viral fragments.

    Due to this reaction, modern medicine tries to minimize the auto-immune reaction with drugs to keep it from attacking the body. However, in doing this, they leave the body open to viral attacks since the immune system’s purpose is to protect the body from infectious viruses and bacteria.

    The best way to prevent disease is to understand the way we were created. The immune system consists of a very intricate web of processes that protect us adequately as long as we are healthy. We are optimally healthy when we are eating locally-grown foods that are fresh from our gardens and farms, breathing fresh air, drinking pure spring water, exercising every day, being exposed to the sun, and absorbing beneficial energies from the earth, etc.

    Protection from disease that this healthy interaction of with the natural environment establishes is degraded by urban living. Foods grown with pesticides and other chemicals, that requires produce to be shipped before fully ripened, fumigated, then processed and preserved with chemical toxins, causes our immune systems to no longer be able to protect us from invading microorganisms and a host of illnesses.

    Vaccines are a valiant but costly, short-sighted and hazardous attempt to protect people from disorders, but they can cause more harm than good for the foregoing reasons. The real answer to resolving the problem of illness is to understand how man and nature are not two, and strive to understand the importance of a natural lifestyle and diet that restores the vital relationship between human beings and their natural environment upon which true health and protection from diseases is established and maintained.
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