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    Posted January 2, 2013 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    The fiscal cliff: Messages to Washington

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    Partial Cliff Averted in Last Ditch Effort


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad of Farmersburg, Indiana, was relieved that the fiscal cliff was averted and says it was 'better than Congress doing nothing.' The moderate independent said, 'There is a bit of relief, but also the realization that there are at least 3 more cliffs ahead, including the debt ceiling fight.' Share your reaction to the House's fiscal cliff solution.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    Although  not their finest moment, members of the US House of Representatives  passed the compromise deal passed in the early morning hours of 2013 by  the US Senate which partially averts the fiscal cliff's most devastating  effect. In this last ditch effort after the economic ship of state had  already gone over the edge, it was primarily Democratic members who won  the day as only 85 Republicans voted for the deal.

    For  the moment, the nation and its varied economic entities can breathe a  short sigh of relief...at least for another month or so.

    The  compromise reached is not the greatest legislation ever passed, but at  least it is something more than nothing. No one got exactly what they  wanted and many members of Congress had to give up much more than they  wanted as did the President.

    President  Barack Obama spoke a short while ago and congratulated the Congress and  its leaders along with Vice President Joe Biden in securing that the  Bush/Obama tax cuts would remain in place for those making up to  $400,000 per year individually or $450,000 per year as a couple. The  President also threw down the gauntlet taunting Republicans by stating  he would not debate the debt ceiling which must be raised by February.  If the debt ceiling is not raised, it could shut down the government.

    While the legislation is not ideal for either liberals or conservatives, doing nothing would have been worse.

    The  biggest drawback to the compromise is that there are now new cliffs  coming up shortly as the new Congress is sworn in on Thursday. There is  not only the debt ceiling which, whether the President wants it or not,  will be a fight, but there is also the issue of sequestration put off  for two months and battles ahead for entitlement and tax code reform.

    There  were a couple of very good solutions that came out of the compromise.  For one, the alternative minimum tax has been tied permanently to  inflation and will no longer threaten up to 30 million taxpayers with  shelling out much, much more than they should each April. Another bonus  in the compromise was keeping the nation from drowning in a doubling of  milk and dairy prices, since Congress has failed to pass or renew a farm  bill. The "milk cliff" has now been bridged.

    While  it is good that the House voted and voted in the affirmative for the  Senate's compromise bill, anyone who thinks we are out of the mess we  are in needs to recheck their logic and rationale. The New Year has  begun with a fight and several more battles already have the armies  amassing for confrontation.

    From the Cornfield, at least for tonight, the nation can sigh in relief. Apparently God is still in His heavens.

    Oh,  by the way, as an aside, even with the deal expect to see 2% less in  your paycheck as the payroll tax cut holiday is now over.

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