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    Posted January 1, 2013 by
    Rufford Lancashire England, United Kingdom
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    The fiscal cliff: Messages to Washington

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    Boehner is the bain of the Fiscal Cliff efforts


    As an outsider looking in, I have a strong feeling that the biggest problem we have here is the endless objections by John Boehner to undermine the efforts of President Obama to resiolve this fiscal cliff issue.


    President Obama was re-elected, because this was what the majority of the US wanted. The Republicans are still sore over not getting in, sore losers.


    President Obama invited Mitt Romney to the White House to hear what he had to say on the economy, would Romney have done the same in reverse? I doubt it!


    President Obama is clearly prepared to compromise, but every attempt at this has seen Boehner block him, he is picky and it feels like Boehner is somehow trying to sabotage the excellent work of President Obama.


    It is fair that higher income earners should pay more tax than those who earn less. This is what is failing the UK economy and look what damage has been done to the UK as a result.


    Several times the UK government have proposed a mansions tax and tax hike on the rich but each time they have scrapped this and the rich are continuing to live off the poor, the poor suffering every time a budget is passed in the UK.


    Public spending does need to be cut, but at what cost? If the Republicans had their way the US would end up in the same sorry mess as the UK they are back seat drivers in all of this and they didn't even get elected.


    President Obama needs to put his foot down a lot more and pull these Republicans into order, they are taking advantage of President Obama's fairness stance and his good and cosiderate nature.


    President Obama is one of the best Presidents the US has has ever had, he is a very inspiring speaker, his speeches are highly motivational, he has good vision, he is 100% fair, he is compassionate and a fantastic family man who is everything a President needs to be, he has respect and he is decent.


    If only the UK had a President Obama as its PM! The US doesn't know how well off they are under President Obama.


    If the republican's would just stop blocking everything President Obama does, they might learn something vital and that being, the right and fair way to run a super power country like the US.


    It is clear that President Obama does a considerable amount of serious thrinking before he acts, he talks a lot of sense and he has an incredible instinct. Let his intuition do its stuff and stop oppressing it.


    Too bad President Obama can't get back into power for a 3rd term and more after that, if he could the US would see huge growth and a far better deal for all.


    Get rid of Boehner and any other foolish objectors to President Obama, it was Obama who was elected to power not the Republicans, so why can't he be left to do his job as he should be?


    President Obama has a long term plan which if he is able to see through will go way ebyond mending the ecomomy in the US, his voice and visions should not be drowned out by the court jesters.


    Give Obama a chance and you will make the US even greater than ever for ALL, rich and poor alike.


    The Republicans are like spoilt children who are throwing their dummies out of their prams and won't play ball when it is crazy not to. Grow up Republican's, stop being juvenile!


    The only way forward is sensible and mature compromise.


    Go You President Obama you rock!

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