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    Posted January 2, 2013 by
    New Delhi, India
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    Views of Gangrape by a Delhi citizen iReporter


    I have been living in New Delhi ever since the late 80s and have seen the city grow and transform. I feel that the city has changed a lot during the past 25 odd years thanks to the booming opportunities in Business and IT Sector. There are good things that have happened and alongwith it there are bad and ugly sides that have been happening too. Besides a lot of things, safety and security of citizens have been always been something that has been under the scanner.


    Earlier, most of the incidents were confined to sparsely populated areas of the National Capital Region (NCR) like Gurgaon and Noida. However in recent times, things have turned ugly as violence and criminal acts have increased. During the last 10-15 years, Delhi has really got a bad name and specifically for women, it has turned worse as incidents of eve-teasing and rudeness (read, rage) have increased. Of course, there are good people, but due to inflating wealth of people, the rage is to be seen everywhere in public places as some citizens consider them above the law and do not respect others and indulge in misogyny and chauvinism. An important element is that people have migrated to Delhi from a lot of other states due to the opportunities for work. The Damini case is just one of them as the rapists were mostly from other states of India and it is significant since she belonged to the middle class. And everyone can relate to her case as there are many middle-class aged women in Delhi and they simple feel insecure.
    Unfortunately I couldn't attend the Jantar Mantar protests, but a few friends of mine did went there and they said that it was really the youth of India that had turned up there. This statement is supported by media as well. Also, I have been hearing through local print media that many cases of rape and violence such as molestations/ groping are happening across various parts of India wherever protests are being done which is again sad. To add to it, more than 25+ reported rape cases (and many unreported cases) have happened since these protests began. So crimes against women are still happening.


    Personally, female members in my family do not venture out alone after 8 PM (7 PM during winters) as they have a very probable chance of being assaulted. Also, if a woman needs to go out, we ensure that a male member always accompanies them. The police even can’t be trusted since they indulge in crimes themselves and if you read about them in one particular study done by Tehelka (a news agency), the police themselves lay the blame on the women for any crimes that happen against them due to clothes women wear, their background, their behaviour, etc. Also, a New year event in NCR by Honey Singh (a singer) was cancelled due to online petitions as one of his song lyrics contained ridiculously insane words and expressions that glorify violence against women (song glorifying “I am a Rapist” theme). An IPS officer has also filed a FIR against the singer.


    As an educated individual, I believe that the root cause of such heinous acts has to do with the increasing rich-poor divide, corruption, male chauvinism & misogynism in the society that needs to be dealt with. To add to the issues, a 'mute' & 'insensitive' leadership ruling here has even inflated things further. It will take years and years for things to change because all these accumulated issues need to be dealt with one by one. Harsher laws and punishments need to be framed and implemented that replaces the current bunch. Yesterday, I was watching a discussion on an Indian news channel and it seems like the Human Rights Groups also creates bottlenecks when India thinks about implementing stricter punishments and eventually what happens is that the criminals go scot-free. What these groups don't understand is that these people are not humans, they are ferocious animals and no amount of punitive measures taken against them is enough, even death sentence is very lenient.


    To add, January 3 i.e. tommorrow has been called a nationwide bandh (closed) by protesters.

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