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    Posted January 7, 2013 by
    Louisville, Kentucky

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    MTV's BuckWild Review from a Sissonville Native


    We all know the buildup was coming for this show, especially the past couple of months. There were a lot of people protesting it, creating "Causes" to have it cancelled, and even politicians urging MTV not to air it. Guess what? MTV's strategy worked. Practically everyone who had any interest at all, good or bad, probably watched the show and the ratings were high. The trailer did exactly what it was supposed to do—create buzz and get people to watch. You see, ratings are not affected by anyone's opinion of the show. Regardless if you liked the show or not, people watching the show garners ratings which equals advertising dollars for MTV.


    As far as my opinion, I did not see anything that outrageous or crazy that many people did or would have done given the opportunity at that age. The kids on the show do some slightly crazier stunts than they probably normally do because it added the "Jackass" element to the show like MTV wanted. But other than that, life at that age is pretty accurate in ANY rural area in this country and many others. I have traveled to well over half of the States in this country and rednecks are everywhere. Can we really say the things they do on this show is any more stupid and outlandish than what kids do in the city at this age? Absolutely not and it's a matter of point of view and the side you grew up on. I grew up in Sissonville most of my life and graduated from Sissonville High in 1988 and also spent a fair amount of time living in the city after high school doing what young kids often do--drink and party. I have seen both sides and I am not appalled in the least bit by the show because I have seen it everywhere. The character I see people complaining about most is Shain and his thick country accent and what people missed on the show is that he is probably the hardest working kid in the cast. Does anyone really care if he wants to take a 4x4 into the woods and blow off some steam? His life just might be far less stressful and a better life to him than to anyone on Earth. It is not our job to judge him or anyone else on the show. If you do, perhaps you should take a close look at your own life and see how happy you really are. I'm not defending anyone or MTV, I'm just saying the show is what it is and it is very much reality for these kids and millions of others around the globe, not just in West Virginia. City kids can and do get into more trouble than these kids do, it's just different. If anyone can refute that, I would love to hear how your life growing up in the city or anywhere else did not include stupid fun that could have gotten you hurt or in some minor trouble and how you didn't <gasp> drink alcohol. Yes, I know a lot of people who did not partake in these types of activities, but most do and it's ok to admit it. At that age most everyone tried to have some fun in the first five years or so after high school. Some started earlier and some continue much later, but the fact is this behavior is EVERYWHERE, just under a different guise. You'd be surprised how much the muddin’ scenes are some of the most normal parts of the show. The other parts while a little outlandish, are not that far out there. I witnessed MANY things in my lifetime and most of them were FAR worse than what I saw on that show tonight and it was AFTER I moved away from Sissonville.


    People watch shows like this and they forget about the integrity of place like Sissonville. For example, the girl that wanted to start an Anarchy Club at the high school right after 9/11 and it in a huge court case. The media made it appear that she beat the system and she won a big landmark case but in reality all she won (with the help of the ACLU) was $1 and the "right to formally request to create the Anarchy Club", which was denied and then they ran her out of town because you do not break loyalty and patriotism in a place like Sissonville. I know her name but I'm not going to publish it because she doesn't deserve to be mentioned. Another recent news event in Sissonville was this and how the community pulled together and has fought the efforts of an atheist group to stop a long standing tradition at sporting events in Sissonville. http://www.wchstv.com/newsroom/eyewitness/120921_10920.shtml


    Recently, a 20" gas line exploded and the volunteer fire dept and other EMS workers headed towards the scene and the danger to help without knowing what they were heading towards risking their lives, just like they do anywhere else. I drove past this site a few days ago and it's amazing no one lost their life, although several lost their homes.




    The interesting thing that most people probably missed is nearly the entire trailer was in the first two episodes so it will be interesting to see what the rest of the show is like. Personally, I would be up for MTV doing a reality show for our 25th class reunion this summer.


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