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    Posted January 6, 2013 by

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    Discrimination is inseparable part of Islamic Republic of Iran

    As the clerics are in power and wish to be in this position for all the lifetime they don't like competitors and don’t want to share the power. They like always to be on top. They feel threat from intellectuals because they don’t follow them and may disclose their falsehoods. Intellectuals know these are hypocrites and are not clerics. A cleric has his definition and he sacrifices his life and property in order to invite people to humanity and gets closer to God .I mean political problems are not matter to real clerics. But our clerics are so interested in power they criticize politicians in order to seat on their position .That is why they put them (intellectuals) under pressure by forcing burka and so called Islamic dressing codes. They raise pressures like this until intellectuals go for self-exile from Iran. They are not interested in how much is income of everybody and how much tax everybody pays from his or her income, but they passionate to know how everybody satisfies his or her sexual instincts. This is the criteria for them to determine somebody is good guy or bad guy. They purged from work a lot of intellectuals because they don’t pray or don’t go to mosque. These are what they are interested in and they forgot their main job as leaders.
    Actually, intellectuals and well-educated people are not the only ones whom clerics don’t like to be in Iran and discriminate them; the other group is business men who have money or capital. As private sector has its own mean (money) for work and does not need the government for job it can disobey. That is why they are low-level in the eye of clerics. Capital makes them (businessmen) independent and it's what the clerics don’t like to happen. They wish people to be depended on them .Private sector has its own business and customers. The government or the clerics cannot play any role between them. In order to distract people, they intervene and manipulate their deals by importing cheap goods. As private sector cannot compete with imported cheap goods, it will collapse. The only ones who are free to continue their business are loyal to the cleric’s ones. Therefore investors emigrate from country and take with themselves their property and brain. Because of this, the level of unemployment grows day after day.
    There is also no plan for ordinary people to invest their little money and they exchange it into gold or foreign currencies.
    According to Islamic teachings nobody is superior to others even prophet Mohammed .But these clerics call themselves Imam to discriminate other believers and ignore equality of people.
    Now our society is divided into two parts: people who approve the status quo and are loyal to it and people who deprecate or criticize it. Both loyal ones and opponents are fanatic or extremist and they can make bloodshed in the country. The quantity of loyal ones decreases every day and they join to dissidents. It can change the balance in favor of second group.
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