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    Posted January 8, 2013 by
    Gladstone, Missouri

    Man Shot by former girlfriend and partner

    In the relatively calm and cumbersome community of Gladstone came a
    horrific ending for one college student early this morning. Multiple shots
    were heard throughout the small residential area near Englewood park. The
    shooting occurred when the victim 23-year-old Kyler "Kyle" Minouge had
    confronted his girlfriend 26-year-old Rachel Zimpheti this morning in what
    witnesses say had been a "heated feud" fueled by the drinking of one of the
    two presumed shooters Zimpheti.

    A neighbor whom had assistance getting herself out of bed this morning at
    3:05 a.m. this morning told reporters that she had over heard the two arguing
    about drinking. She went on to say that;

    "the argument had just got livid after that, I heard the boy yelling at her
    for hours saying that he was going to leave her, and tell her dad to get her
    help. And after that there was just quiet for about a minute. And that's when
    I heard the 4 shots. I heard another 2 after, but those came from that way.
    And after that I just hid under my bed"

    An earlier source said that she had an unknown man in the house Monday
    morning, as well as during the time of the shooting. Another source told
    reporters that an additional two shots were fired by the man after he
    followed the victim down the street. Which occurred at 2:08 am Morning.

    The victim Minogue was pronounced dead after being escorted to North Kansas City Hospital by a near by co-worker whom he managed to call before succumbing to his wounds. His time of death has yet to be made public. But one thing is sure in the minds of both the residents, and the Clay County Police department sheriff John Cklu, and that's that they have there shooter!

    Although both suspects are innocent until proven otherwise, officers Gabriel Arnum and Trevor Lakewood will also be heard in court as both officers yielded the vehicle that had been escorting the victim to the hospital. Both officers received a call around 2:17 for a black Ford F-150 that had been seen speeding down Antioch rd towards the direction of Minogue.

    Both officers may be brought before a Jury if the parents of Minogue choose to do so. But the family has yet to speak publicly about this happening as 6 months ago both parents lost their eldest son Franklin in an drunk-driving accident.

    Minogue was studying Para-medicine at Avila University, and wanted to be a firefighter for the Saint Charles Fire Department like his father.

    Minogue was widowed after his late fiance died while serving in Afghanistan. He leaves behind a two-year-old son Jaime Isaiah Minogue.
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