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    Posted January 8, 2013 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Try Not to Panic - Cable Is Out!


    Oh,  the horror of it all, the utter indignity, our cable service went out  around 1:30 a.m. and has yet to be restored. How will I ever make it  through the day? The cable had a brief interruption of about 10 to 15  minutes yesterday afternoon, but service was quickly back to normal.  Then late last night while trying to watch CSI on the USA network the  cable went out again. Iohn checked the wiring. He made sure the cable  line was not disrupted anywhere. Now 11 hours later and there is still  no cable.

    Now,  thanks to the wisdom of Congress that all broadcasts be digital and not  over the air, we can't pick up any type of programming until the cable  company gets service restored. So much for the "primitive" days of yore  when all it took was rabbit ears or an antenna to be able to at least  pick up the "local" broadcasts. Now, that method will not work and we  are at the mercy of the cable company when things go askew.

    I  joked with Iohn this morning that this may be the inaction which may  just push us to relocate to where we can view the boob tube. His  response, "Right." Sarcasm and I've only had 4 cups of coffee and  without my daily news fix! For shame! Fie!

    So,  since I can't get my viewing habit sated, I put a disc in the computer  and enjoying hits from yesteryear playing out in melodic tones to keep  the beast within from going into a full-throttle meltdown. Hey, a man's  got to do what a man's got to do when left without the titillation of  hearing CNN anchors and reporters dishing out the dirt on the telly in  the background.

    Looks  like my day will be spent listening to music and playing games online.  Hey, it's better than breaking out a deck of cards and playing,  Solitaire. What? You thought that without cable Iohn and I would revert  back to those days of actually talking to one another like people did in  the olden days? Nah, we can still text and message each other even if  the screen is dark on the Sharp monitor that took us a year to pay for.

    When  you thought the monotony of Mark's Den had laid a foundation and built a  fortress, an event or in this case non-event comes along to disrupt the  tedium. This will not be a day like every other day.

    As  the French would say, "That's life". Of course the old joke is, "What's  life?" "A magazine." "How much does it cost?" "A dollar." "That's too  much." "That's life." "What's life?" and on and on it goes.

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