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    Posted January 8, 2013 by
    Baxley, Georgia
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    Man murders wife in Georgia...allowed to attend visitation


    The same day the sheriff told WTOC he believed a Baxley man acted alone, accused of killing his wife in Appling County, after an elaborate cover up, the same man may be allowed to attend her funeral. Wednesday night, Swain's Funeral Home confirmed for WTOC, along with several visitation attendees, Jonathan Courson, 26, was in attendance at an evening visitation escorted by Appling County Sheriff Benny DeLoach. 
    The Appling County Sheriff's Office told WTOC the sheriff was considering allowing Courson to attend his slain wife's funeral, a crime he is accused of committing. Sheriff DeLoach's secretary told WTOC he hadn't made up his mind, but he told Z-94 radio host Wild Bill Wednesday he would allow Courson to go to the funeral.
    "If it's at all possible, I try to make that happen," DeLoach said. "This is just something I do to try to accommodate. It's his choice. I like to try to help inmates attend a loved one's funeral."
    Last Friday morning, DeLoach's deputies were called to a home on Corey Rd. and found Jonathan and Mandy Courson tied up, with signs of a break in and home invasion. 
    Jonathan Courson was alive with minor cuts and scratches.
    Mandy Courson was dead, in another room in the house, also tied up.
    Courson told deputies two black males broke into the home, tied them up, ransacked the house and at one point allowed him to feed his two-year-old daughter, who was asleep upstairs and had woken up. Hours later, Courson told investigators he was able to reach a security alarm, which was not activated, and alert law enforcement and EMS.
    The story, from the beginning, raised several questions and doubts.
    Five days later, determining the story was in fact made up, Courson turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued, charging him with murdering his wife. 
    Questions still remained. How did Courson get tied up? Did he have an accomplice in this crime?It's one question Sheriff DeLoach will answer without hesitation.
    "From evidence and everything and everything we have, I believe he acted alone," DeLoach said.
    Sheriff DeLoach is keeping details under wraps on how Georgia Bureau of Investigators believe Courson staged a home invasion and killed his wife. He says Baxley is such a small community,  everyone knows everyone, and the more the public knows the harder it will be to pick a jury if a trial is held in Appling County. 
    The couple's two-year-old daughter is now in custody of family. She is without a mother and has a father who is behind bars.
    When asked of a possible motive, and why Jonathan Courson would kill Mandy Courson, the Sheriff says they think they know.
    "But I can't tell you. We do have evidence of information which possibly could be motive, but I wouldn't want to say what they are," he said.
    The home invasion, the home ransacked, two black males. Those details, according to investigators, were all made up.
    How authorities believe Jonathan Courson killed Mandy Courson not been released as they wait for an autopsy and test results from the GBI crime lab. Once they are in, the sheriff told WTOC he may still not make it public. 
    The funeral for Mandy Courson is Thursday at Swain's Funeral Home. All indications are, after an appearance at visitation, Courson will be at his wife's funeral, with the sheriff at his side. 


    Appling Co. man arrested for wife's murder
    By Alex Bender

    According to Appling County Sheriff Benny Deloach and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, an arrest warrant for Jonathon Courson for the murder of his wife Mandy Courson was secured at 6:25 p.m. Jan. 8. The arrest warrant was served at 8:44 p.m. Tuesday.
    On Jan. 4, police got a call from the Bridge-Com Security company that a panic alarm went off from a home on Corey St. in Baxley.
    Deputies were dispatched and were told by the homeowner Jonathan Courson, 26, that two black males entered his home at about 4 a.m., according to the Appling Co. Sheriff's Office. Courson told police that they tied him and his wife Mandy, 28, up and ransacked their home. Mandy was killed at some point.
    Deloach says the even though both Jonathon and Mandy Courson were tied up, the husband had very minor injuries and cuts. According to police, Mandy Courson was found tied up in a different part of the house.
    Courson is currently being held in the Appling County Detention Center awaiting further judicial proceedings.
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