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    Posted January 9, 2013 by
    Post Falls, Idaho
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    These Guns Protect My Children


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     EV416 told me, 'I am sick to my stomach of the hypocrisy that somehow our elected officials are able to protect themselves with the best weapons technology available. But because of media hype and all the emotion that goes with high profile gun crimes – all of a sudden there is legislation introduced that would not allow me to use similar equipment to protect my own family?'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    These are my children. My daughter is 6 and my son is 4. Those of you who have small kids know how fantastic it is to watch them learn and grow every single day. You also know how much you want to protect your little ones from harm. I protect them from choking, drowning, running in front of traffic, sharp objects, and the list goes on. I also protect them from anyone who would do them harm. There has been violence and killing since the beginning of time. World peace sounds like a great idea but let's face reality - we are NEVER going to rid the world of violence. All we can do is try to mitigate its effect on us.


    These are the guns that protect my family. This rifle holds 30 rounds. My pistol holds 13 rounds. I am a concealed pistol license holder, I am an avid hunter and fisherman and I DO NOT own these weapons to hunt with. I own them to protect my precious, innocent little ones. The 2nd amendment doesn't have a "sporting" or "target shooter" clause. The 2nd amendment was written to allow me - a free American Citizen - the right to choose what "arms" I choose to bear.


    Senator Feinstein, Mayor Bloomberg, Congresswoman Pelosi, Vice President Biden, WHAT GUNS protect you?? Please share with us, I don't think it is a national security breach to share what equipment your protectors use to keep you safe every day. Is your safety more important than my little ones? Are your lives worth more? Please state publicly that the life and safety of a public figure, is more valuable than the lives and safety of everyday American children. Mr. President, your kids are protected by armed guards with high tech, high capacity weapons. Why can't mine be protected the same way?


    These are the tools that I choose to protect my household with. What gives you the right to decide what equipment I use to do this? If your protectors carry guns with less than 10 rounds, then I will gladly follow your example. If you feel that your security and safety would be well served with small capacity handguns and rifles, then please share this with the country so we can follow your personal lead in this matter.


    You are elected SERVANTS of the public, not reigning royalty. "I am not your subject," wrote Joshua Boston in a recent iReport letter that has received a ton of publicity. Since when did this become the Feudal States of America? Should we refer to you as King Obama, and Duchess Feinstein?


    I hope more armed Parents speak up about this. WE are the protectors of our families, and our communities also. Armed Moms - this includes you too!  I'm fed up with the same old emotional response to a tragedy.  "Ban semi autos, Ban 30 round magazines," you cry. HOW do you justify preventing me from buying or owning high capacity magazines for pistols and rifles  - when right outside your door are armed guards keeping you safe with the EXACT same equipment that I use to keep mine safe?

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