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    Posted January 10, 2013 by
    Baku, Azerbaijan

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    18 Year Old Soldier Beaten to Death in Azerbaijan


    Jeyhun Gubatov, who was a soldier of Azerbaijani Army born in 1994 and called to mandatory service in 2012 from Absheron, deceased while on duty. Media has reported that his cause of death was heart failure on January the 7th. However, soldier’s mother, Samira Gubatova, claims that her son was beaten to death. Relatives of the deceased presented pictures of his body to the media. Various signs of torture  have been identified on these pictures.

    Soldier Jeyhun Gutadov was born on September 26, 1994, in the city of Baku. His parents divorced 3 months after his birth. Therefore, Jeyhun was raised by his mother and grandmother. His mother, Samira Gubatova, made living by washing dishes at cafes. The only child of the family- Jeyhun- was an apprentice at one of the barber shops just before he left to serve in the army.

    Eighteen-year old Jeyhun shared this post on his Facebook page after solemnly taking the military oath on November 11, 2012 at Dashkasan (North-West of Azerbaijan) military base #N-:”Hello dear friends. I took the military oath today, now I am a legal serving member.” Jeyhun’s “military life” lasted only about 2 months… The mother, whose voice was hoarse and her face torn, said  in an interview that her son was tortured to death.This is what she says, after quickly taking a sip of the tea in front of her:” His oath ceremony was on 11th of November. I was sick with jaundice at the time. They wouldn’t let me leave the hospital. I said that I had to go. I left for the military base right after series of treatment in the afternoon. I was already in Dashkasan at about 8:30 PM. Last time I talked to him was Sunday the 6th of this month. It was about noon. He called. I asked, “Jeyhun, how are you, my dear son?” He said he was okay. He used to call every Sunday. He would call, let the phone ring once and call of, and I would call back (So that he doesn’t have to pay for the call). He called again at about 7:30 PM that Sunday. I talked to him again. He called again in about 10 minutes: “Mother, I want to talk to my aunt”, he said. My sister has a 3 year old child. He wanted to talk to him. I told him I would give my sister his number, so they could call him back. Then, whosever phone he was using, that soldier called, said Jeyhun wanted to talk to his relatives and that he was waiting. I asked the soldier how they were doing. He said everything was okay, that they were looking after Jeyhun. Jeyhun mentioned that they were going up to the mountaints, to the 2nd battalion when I talked to him. I asked when they were going to leave. He said he didn’t know for sure, but maybe they’d leave next morning. He talked to me on Sunday; they were supposed to leave the next morning. When did they leave, how come they got there so early? When did they have time to go up to the base? The report says he died on the 7th.”

    “It was the 8th. We received a phone call. My mother answered. They asked for me. I picked up the phone. They asked for our address, name and last name, saying they were registering us for the elections. Turns out they just couldn’t tell me that my son died, so they asked the address instead. Then, after a little while, they brought my son’s body. Apparently they had difficulty in finding our house, they looked around a little. Everyone in Khyrdalan (a town) was aware of my son’s death; I was the last one to know. They went ahead and washed (according to religious Islamic ritual) and buried my son, and then left. He was in our house only for 3 hours. I buried him next to his grandfather, in Digah (a town nearby). They were supposed to receive me at the State Prosecutor’s Office today, but I couldn’t go because I was mourning. I am going to see a representative of the executive government in the morning, along with the photos. I am not going to let this go, I am going to get justice for my son.”

    “The military brought his closed coffin wrapped in our flag. Showed the medical report, which said he died from heart failure. I insisted on opening the coffin, because I knew my son never complained about his heart. I would know if that was the case. I said there would be some signs on his back, if he died from heart failure. There were no signs. He had some wounds on his face; the blood on his face was fresh. They saw it when they washed his body too. His wounds started bleeding as soon as water touched them. We asked his commanding officer, did he complain about his heart? He said no, he didn’t complain about anything of the sort.”

    Mrs. Gubatova’s neighbor interferes:” He wasn’t the commanding officer, he was the officer in charge of training and education, and he said he didn’t have any information.”

    Mrs. Gubatova notes that she took the pictures of her son’s body herself:” I took the pictures myself, I am a mother, and everyone is. Being beaten to death and heart failure are not same things. I am a woman with no good education, I only graduation from high school. I am asking you, how do wounds and heart failure go together?”

    Mrs. Gubatova demands that there is a just investigation about her son’s case:” I might not have been this upset if my son died fighting an enemy. But I can’t accept his death in this way. My only wish is the guilty person to be found. I don’t want anything else. Let them investigate and find. This happened to me, but could have happened to any one of thousands of mothers. I am going to pursue this. Let it be known why my child was beaten. I want to know why they were trying to hide from me that he was beaten.”

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