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    Posted January 11, 2013 by
    Lufkin, Texas
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     jwmeece74 told me, 'I was inspired to find a realistic answer to the violent crimes recently rather than rant and rave about my rights because I want to see a real solution. I believe gun ownership should be preserved as a right of Americans. I do not believe that restrictions on magazines or banning certain weapons will solve this nation’s problems. People commit crimes with guns and it takes people with guns to stop it. You cannot legislate or talk away crime. '
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I am a medically retired Marine with 3 deployments to Iraq on record. In response to the countries search for an answer to the recent shootings in the nation, I have a suggestion to consider. I propose a volunteer service, possibly attached to the U.S. Marshal Service, of veterans who have the proper training to serve as reserve peace officers of the federal government.

    I am a supporter of the second amendment and believe in our right to bear arms. I do not support the measures that are being currently discussed to ban so-called assault weapons or limit magazine capacities. I do not own an assault rifle and the only pictures you may find of me holding one is when I was active duty Marine Corps holding rifles that are not legal to buy under current law without special federal licensing and approval. That's not to say that I may never purchase a sporting rifle that looks similar to a true assault rifle for legal purposes.

    You will never hear violent stories in the news about 99% of legal gun owners in the United States. Many of the people you see preaching about gun control have armed guards that protect them. The only way to protect our citizens from violence with guns is by guns. It is proven every day by the members of our military who protect our freedoms, police officers who patrol our streets, and the secret service who protect our elected representatives. I agree that some people should not have guns but many who are unlawfully carrying weapons still do. It was unlawful to commit every violent act that has taken place recently yet law did not stop it. Why do people think that another law will?

    I understand concerns that armed militias roaming the streets could be dangerous. There are many men and women veterans of the armed services who have been extensively trained in dealing with acts of terror and the proper use of firearms. They have been trained by the United States government ,at great expense, yet they are mostly unutilized. These men and women are already in every aspect of our communities and have the training that many people are concerned may not be the case with school teachers and armed citizen patrols. They understand reporting of their activities and following a chain of command. Many are already carrying weapons legally whether it be with a concealed carry permit or whatever the law allows in their state.

    Some people will be concerned with the cost of such an activity and though there would be funding required, it pales in caparison to the cost of adding fulltime officers. Not all veterans would volunteer but I believe many would. I would be the first to volunteer. This would not stop all violent acts from happening as no measure or group of measures can though I believe it could drastically reduce these incidents. I have started a petition to the Whitehouse that needs signatures. Please help me to get this or explain to me why it is not a good idea.


    Introduce legislation that creates a Federal Reserve Peace Officer comprised of veterans of the Armed Services.
    The federal government spends millions of dollars training men and women in the defense of our nation. Once they leave the military, the training they have received no longer is of value. Provide these men and women with the opportunity to continue their service as a Federal Reserve Peace Officer with appropriate registration and reporting to local law enforcement in their communities. Not meant as a law enforcement agency itself but simply well trained, armed, citizens who look out for the welfare and safety of their fellow citizens as they have sworn under oath to do. Give these men and women the opportunity to continue their service to the American people by empowering them with the authority to serve and protect their communities after military service.

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