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    Posted January 11, 2013 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    Gun Control, Congress? You First


    Most reasonable people agree that there should be rules when purchasing a gun. But when Congress offers what appears to be a false sense of security as a cure all for the gun deaths that occur in our country, people see through this ploy.
    There is no one set of rules that will suddenly fix and prevent another massacre at the hands of a madman.
    The debate as to whether we should have armed police officers at the entrances of our children's schools is getting a lot of attention.
    Teachers' unions have weighed in and suggested that this isn't the answer.
    Why do we have armed guards in courtrooms? Or at the U.S. Congress?
    An armed security guard is a deterrent to someone that would do again what was done in Newtown, or Columbine or any of the other scenes of mass shootings.
    No, we won't be able to stop all these attacks even with armed police officers at our schools.
    Seat belts don't save every car accident victim but they act as a safeguard.
    I have always weighed in on the side of the right of the United States' citizens to bear arms reasonably.
    Training courses, back ground checks, and a limit to the clip capacity available for sale may help. But what is the evidence that any of these measures will solve completely our problem?
    Many already own assault weapons.
    Current proposals grandfather these weapons in. But are the owners of these legally purchased weapons someone we need to worry about?

    Fear of an already out of control government has pushed gun sales to an all time high. Gun shops are doing a brisk business.
    Congress acted to pass the N.D.A.A. and Patriot Act in it's only truly bi-partisan act this last session so is it any wonder that many people are wondering if the U.S. Government has forgotten who is the real enemy since 9/11?
    Congress has failed to act on the benefit of the American people for a number of problems. Where are the Job Bills? Home foreclosure relief?

    We are still in Afghanistan and engaged in numerous wars around the globe.
    The U.S. is the largest exporter of weapons to third world countries.
    What message does all this send to an already skeptical public and to our youth?
    If you want someone to do something, you set an example.
    While I personally am in favor of some reasonable measures being put in place, I believe our government should act to reassure the people that this is not simply a case of " do as I say, but not as I do".
    Funding was cut in many states for mental health facilities.
    Mentally challenged patients were released to the streets because of lack of will by those in government to keep the public safe. New York State released thousands of mental patients from hospitals.
    And now government says it wants to be taken seriously?
    While I support reasonable changes, my advice to the U.S. Government is, "You first!"
    End the wars and stop exporting weapons and glorifying the endless war in Afghanistan.
    Maybe some have become de-sensitized to death and murder from a culture of war we've had to live with for ten years. That's all young kids have seen while they are growing up.
    I'm a progressive but I'm also a realist.
    Protect our schools. Armed guards are now needed.

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