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    Posted January 11, 2013 by

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    China 44 Villagers Died In A Hillslope Slide


    Yesterday cctv news that in Yunnan Province, in a hillslope slide tragety, 44 people died. Chinese Government now is building up many house then selling to the poor, but behind this are the real poor benefited? after this ireport, you know what exactly means. the comnunists officals all died out before this disaster, why did not they take action beore tragety,did not they realize the would happen? did not they know these villager live in such a dangerous place?


    I  make money,My wife & I make about RMB 5000 Yuan /month making bags, then selling to the world for my boss. but because of all price has been gone up rapidly, so I  could not still build up my house, in the year 2008, my wife has led my small 2 kids to my village comnunist offical, telling them my house is under a hillslope, my wife asked for help, they would not want to help, some of them laughed at us. which made my whole family very imbaresed.


    this is Comnunists what they did to people who were in need.I  worry about too much about my house. this is why my wife and I  have been urgently making money, hope our wage raise is faster than price uping.


    I  really hope the comnunist offical can register us, then I  can buy the government house selling. but since all comnunist officals corrupted, How can we get registed? 

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