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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    Inspired by Cpl. Boston


    Dear Senator Feinstein:

    I’m writing to tell you of my complete and total opposition to any new gun ban and gun control laws, specifically ones proposed by you.

    I’m fairly certain my request will fall on deaf ears, but I’m writing it anyway and am going to publicize this letter beyond your office anyway.

    Ms. Feinstein, I know why you attempt to foist these unconstitutional and ill-conceived laws on the American people; it is for the simple fact that you are evil.

    I have attached an old but well-written article by Mr. L. Neil Smith and in it he makes a convincing, fact and history-based argument for why people who support disarming law abiding citizens are either evil, stupid or insane.

    I’ve heard firsthand from people who have worked directly with you that you are actually quite smart, and I’ve never heard any indication that you might be suffering any actual mental illness, so that leaves us with the final option; evil, and the description fits you quite well.

    Ms. Feinstein, you propose laws to disarm law abiding American citizens while – literally – sitting in your ivory tower, guarded by men carrying even more powerful versions of the weapons you are seeking to ban.

    The United States Capitol Police are openly armed with Heckler & Koch G36C rifles, as well as M4 rifles – now these are true “assault rifles” according to the actual technical definition of an assault rifle as a rifle that has select-fire capability. Oh, and the icing on the cake; these rifles are of course each outfitted with magazines that hold far more than 10 rounds, and no doubt each officer carries much more than one magazine.

    Yes, that’s right; these evil, hip-spraying, baby-killing, military grade weapons of war are precisely the weapons that are providing you and all of your colleagues with a significant layer of protection. Shall we mention the scores of semi-automatic pistols, pepper spray, metal detectors, batons and clubs, handcuffs, sniper rifles, night vision devices, and God knows what other weapons are employed in your protection. Paid for by me and my fellow NRA members, I might add.

    Additionally, it is very well known that you had/still have a license to carry a concealed weapon in your native San Francisco, one of maybe 4 permits in existence in that city.

    You have a very clear and concrete understanding of the obvious security that firearms and real, legitimate assault rifles offer, yet you seek to deny that same protection to law-abiding American Citizens.


    Ms. Feinstein, your push to ban guns, in addition to being the absolute height of hypocrisy, is also extremely harmful to society at large. You and your fellow gun-banning vultures who – literally before the bodies were even cold – began shrieking hysterically for gun control and, ironically, the murder of NRA members, actually do a concrete and substantial harm to society and the victims of tragedies like what happened in Newtown.

    You take the focus, blame, and guilt completely away from its rightful place, which is squarely on the very real, individual human being who committed the murders.
    You attempt to shift that blame onto your political opponents, and onto inanimate objects; hunks of metal, wood and plastic.

    By calling for gun bans, you further expose your hypocrisy and show that you actually have absolutely no regard for the victims of this or any other crime because you do not call for restrictions on either alcohol nor driving when someone drives drunk and kills someone; you do not call for knives to be serial numbered when someone is slashed to death. It is only when guns are involved that the histrionics come out, and in doing this, you tip your hand.

    You fully understand everything that I am saying here in this letter; that guns do in fact provide very real and effective protection against all sorts of harm, yet not only do you seek to take guns away from American citizens, you and your ilk also dismiss as ludicrous the idea that schools should employ even a fraction of the heavy security that you enjoy daily.

    Ms. Feinstein, I cannot emphatically enough re-state the sentiments of Marine Corporal Joshua Boston when I say that I will never surrender my weapons.
    I will not submit myself nor my legally-owned private property to any registration nor inspection.

    I will pass on each and every single one of the weapons in my ever-growing collection to my children, and they will pass them on to their children. I will instruct them faithfully in the safe and responsible use of firearms. I will teach them the true meaning of our Constitution and Freedom, and I will cultivate in them the same passion and determination to never submit to an evil tyrant such as yourself; who would deny them the protection that firearms offer, while benefitting from that protection herself.

    There are millions more gun owners who feel the same as I do, and we all feel it just as passionately because we know and understand all too well the lessons outlined in Mr. Smith’s article that I have attached; that an unarmed man is a mere subject, a true pawn of the state who lives only at the mercy of tyrants. The unarmed man can never be truly free from government tyranny and oppression, nor will he ever be safe in his home.

    You have truly reached a pinnacle of hypocrisy when you personally carry a weapon for self defense and work daily ensconced behind a wall of men with fully-automatic guns, then try to ram through laws that would deny every other American citizen that same protection, that same basic Constitutional and Civil Right.

    This is why I have arrived at the conclusion that you, Ms. Feinstein, are evil.

    You will not win.

    You will not pass this nor any other gun ban in the future.
    American support for gun control and gun bans has been steadily declining, while the number of Americans seeking – and receiving – concealed carry permits has exploded, and to say that gun sales have exploded is the understatement of the decade.

    If you think all those Americans buying guns are doing it just so that they can register and turn them in, then maybe you aren’t so smart after all.

    Respectfully submitted,
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