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    Posted January 14, 2013 by
    Mitrovica, Kosovo
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    Business unites Serbs and Albanians in northern Kosovo

    While barricaded bridge over the Ibar River in Mitrovica has 3 years was seen as a separator between Albanians and Serbs the same kta last have found a sister bridge nearly this kryesores over the Ibar river which are using for their businesses that apparently are i do to forget that before 13 years were at war with each other

    Great economic crisis, the number of unemployed in Mitrovica, which is considered to be somewhere 55600 makes Albanians in the southern part to become 'friends' with the Serbs when it comes to business

    Since they are demolished border points 1 and 31 in July 2010 where he was killed in a special forces officer Kosovo, smuggling in northern Mitrovica is booming like never before!
    Even in this suspected of being infiltrated many prominent businessmen figure as Zvonko Veselinoviq a businessman and considered like the head of smuggling and bad things in northern Kosovo newly released from prison in the absence of evidence of smuggling by Serbian authorities statements! On the other hand many citizens of Mitrovica for every day travel by bicycle from south to north through a metal bridge near the main bridge to carry liquids coca cola and other liquids or commercial products like cosmetics, flour, oil, edible oil other purchase in the north with a lowest rate most favorable after they enter there without paying any taxes and sell them in the southern part owners of premises or even to ordinary people, which is converted into a survival tool by the smugglers!
    Quantities greater than those where profit is 2 or 3 euro sold by 'big heads' of business that can be found in the southern and northern who smuggle oil and other commercial products in large quantities through alternative routes.
    In Kosovo these days can be bought cheaper oil gasoline in Europe. Smuggling of fuel oil continues to flourish in the north of the country and that by Zubin Potok and the village of Cabra. In this village just over a mile roads are open 7 gas stations that offer diesel and gasoline to just 84 cents per liter, which is much cheaper than in the whole country. This smuggling are likely a number of companies in the south of Mitrovica, which deal with the transportation of passengers says the seller wich works in a gas station

    On the other hand this phenomenon budget of Kosovo is causing major losses by billions of euros after entering goods does not pass through the border already reconstructed 1 and 31 but finds its way through the various alternative paths that are created along the point border with Serbia and that almost never goes month that KFOR does not close any such alley!

    Precisely these problems are expected to be part of Kosovo-Serbia talks, issue the following that is pending since many years that is causing great harm to the citizens of Kosovo, and in particular small budget already this new state
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