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    Posted January 15, 2013 by
    Mt. Gilead, Ohio
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    Obama’s next four years

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    What Should Obama Do Now?


    President Obama and the Democratic Party is about to make the same political mistake that has kept Democrats out political office before, going back to their old political platform of pushing gun-control infringements by various levels of government. This will be political suicide for the Democratic Party if they hope to get another Democrat elected President in the near future.  An enormous number of Americans are tired of fighting this issue every time some whack-job or criminal uses a firearm to commit some appalling carnage upon defenseless people. Immediately following such carnage is outrage, cries for government to do something, and a lot of knee-jerk reactionary legislation that will have no effect on the intended individuals.  We have become a society that is producing an unusual number of individuals that find it acceptable to prey on the unaware or defenseless to achieve a variety of goals from personal ones to business ones.  Obama should not be promoting the issue of gun-control that the majority of Americans have repeatedly said "NO MORE" on, and focus on finding out why our society has become so predatory, even preying upon its own children?


    Obama's focus should be more heavily on getting rid of an unfair tax system, "pork spending" Congress repeatedly attaches to every bill which goes directly to wasteful spending that increases the national debt.  Obama or any US President should be promoting the idea of taking care of America's needs first before it spends taxpayer dollars outside US borders!  Rebuilding this nation's infrastructure should be a priority over rebuilding foreign interests.  Focus on getting rid of the "richman's welfare system" that has been established by millionaires for the very wealthy that are totally funded by taxpayer dollars like the six figure retirement plan and lifetime healthcare, automatic pay raises, and etc. Congress setup for themselves before cutting programs Americans paid for to have out of their own paychecks.  Its time to stop the double dealing that's been going on for decades in our government and our major business enterprises run by unscrupulous CEO's and the elitists that sit on corporate boards funneling the nation's wealth into the hands of a select few, stripping the nation bare economically leaving little behind for the vast majority of Americans. These domestic enemies are destroying our nation from within with their excesses and greed for more power and wealth to the point they have also inadvertently created a society where reaching a goal at all costs justifies the means, which includes destroying those that you feel have in some way have held you back from reaching a perceived goal... this idea or concept has been transferred to our society's adolescents and young adults.


    Government's repeated failure to follow the will of the majority of Americans, and unfair treatment of the American workforce by corporate America will eventually lead to confrontations by those they exercise their authority over. You cannot have one small group of the US population reaping all the benefits of a society while the rest of that society struggles for survival and expect those at the bottom of the food chain to keep slaving away supporting those at the top who are living in extreme excess!!

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