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    Posted January 15, 2013 by
    Des Moines, Iowa
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    Obama’s next four years

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    This post is an opinion of what should be included in our foreign policy. By doing these (ideas) below may improve our international goals. You cannot win a war by sword alone.
    Also, people around the world are like a group of cells; they need nutrients, food and all? I believe, hate acts like a cancer; you have no idea where it will metastasize? In order to prevent this Cancer of Hate from spreading is that you must have healthy cells. In many parts of the world you have extreme poverty; therefore this cancer can spread wildly in these parts. We must include basic food and water for these areas of the world to prevent this cancer to spread. But how do we do this? The following are ideas that may help.
    Did you know we waste 40-60 percent of all food produced on our planet? Just Google it.
    Can our leading Universities do research to reduce food waste? Even if it is just 10 percent; this could greatly feed a lot more people without any increase in food production. After doing research, I found there are 2 ways to use this food before it gets spoiled or thrown away. These included feeding some type of livestock, like hogs or goats instead of letting this food go bad. Another use for this food was to recycle it to be used for energy.
    We now have the technology for drone aircrafts to be used as heavy lifting helicopters. We have many parts of the world with no roads or bridges access. Can they add a new foreign policy campaign of distributing by airlifting "a goat or a hog" for every family? Then families of a village could get together to bread more livestock. Can they air lift these generators that uses food waste, as well? We should create a new campaign of Goodwill by mass-producing these drone helicopters to be used for such endeavors.
    I believe hate acts like a cancer; you have no idea where it will metastasize. To prevent this cancer to spread; you must have healthy cells. If we can reduce or recycle food waste even by just 10 percent; then we help obtain healthier foreign policy goals.
    These concepts should be part of our foreign policy and it is currently in our reach. This is my opinion of what the US should do from now on.
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