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    Posted January 15, 2013 by
    Los Altos Hills, California
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    Obama’s next four years

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    The Next Move

    With a raging debate over gun control and various other politically draining issues, it seems like the Israeli-Palestinian issue has been swept under the carpet of the Oval Office. The conclusion of the Israeli Operation Pillar of Defense against rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip has left the media and the political arena somewhat silent on this extremely pressing issue.

    However, after Palestinian Authority President Abbas won the UN bid for Palestine to be upgraded to "non member status" and the unilateral renaming of the Palestinian Authority as "The State of Palestine", it's clear that for all parties involved, very few things are more important. Both of the previous presidents-- Bill Clinton and George Bush-- have taken their stabs at solving the conflict but unfortunately, little progress has been made. If Obama wants to conclude his second term with a successful track record of Middle Eastern foreign policy, he needs to make an attempt at brokering an agreement.

    While Obama undoubtedly accomplished many things--good and bad-- during his first term, the one area that he has been lacking in has been the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Contrary to popular belief, this issue is not one that can be tabled until a more convenient date. Thousands of miles away, in the United States, people may not always feel the repercussions of the conflict but that does not mean they do not exist. Now, perhaps more than ever before, it is crucial that America take its stance as the global leader of peaceful negotiation and make an effort to bring both sides together. Obama needs to make clear that neither side can be allowed "preconditions to negotiations" and that both must come to the negotiating table ready to discuss all aspects of the conflict.

    President Obama, who most definitely has a preferable relationship with Middle Eastern, Arab, Nations than his predecessor, President Bush, is perhaps the most qualified person to take this task on. He has both the public and congressional support to make such a move, as there is huge support for a peace agreement between the two sides. The world yearns for a Palestinian state but unless America can broker a deal in which Israel is assured its security, such a dream can never be fulfilled. President Obama would be completing a true service not just to the American people, but also the rest of the world if he were to be able to solve one of modern history's longest conflicts.

    President Obama, with the start of this new year comes the new opportunity of peace and prosperity in the Middle East. Too long have Palestinians not had a country to call their own. Too long have Israelis not had the safety and security they deserve in their own country. As the ruler of the strongest nation in the world, you have the ability to solve this conflict once and for all. During your second term, I implore you to become an international hero and host a negotiation summit between Israeli President Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas in an effort to solve this issue.
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