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    Posted January 16, 2013 by
    cliffside park, New Jersey
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    Lance Armstrong speaks out

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    Tat's Just So Wrong!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     tatswrong says he took his father's LIVESTRONG bracelet the day he died and transferred it directly to his wrist, keeping their hands connected the whole time. When the bracelet wore out, he got it tattooed directly onto his arm. Since the tattoo is red instead of yellow, he says most people don't recognize it as a LIVESTRONG bracelet on first glance, or even that it is tattooed onto his skin. 'I'm glad I got it, and it is what it is now,' he said. 'I sort of separate (Lance Armstrong) from the foundation in my head.' He said he heard people saying they were initially convinced that there was a conspiracy against Armstrong, but he always felt there was evidence that something was going on. 'I think it's disgusting. I really do,' he said. As for his father, whom he said had a dry sense of humor, 'I would like to think he's chuckling somewhere and smiling about the whole situation.'
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

         Well, it was 2006, and my Livestrong bracelet-one that my father had worn on the last days of his life-was falling apart. I had it all taped up to the point that it resembled the eyeglasses that you see on some people.  Glasses that are held together with globs and globs of tape. However, I wasn't going to just throw it out. As I mentioned, my Dad had worn it during his struggle with cancer. I had given it to him as a source of strength.  After he passed (actually the same day, just hours before he passed), I put our arms togther, slipped it off his wrist and right onto mine.  So, here I am, a year after my Dad died, wearing this riduculously looking rigged together yellow wrist band that is about to fall apart and right off of my wrist.  Well, of course I couldn't let that happen.  So, what did this fairly intelligent guy from the Bronx do? Yep. I made my way to a tattoo shop in good ole N.J, and I had that very sentimental yellow piece of rubber wrist jewelry tattooed onto my right wrist! But in light of what has recently been disclosed, what do I have now?  Well, it does seem that I do have a reminder of a former world class athlete who has now been exposed as a complete fraud.   A guy who apparently did anything just to come in first.  Thankfully Charlie,  the guy at the tatoo shop, didn't think yellow would wear too well and decided to use the color red. Therefore, the people who do see it, do not recognize it as a Livestrong bracelet tattoo.

        But all is good. Ya see, my Dad had quite a dry sense of humor.  One of our favorite movies was AIRPLANE, and I have a sneaky suspicion that he is up there somewhere, chuckling, looking down at me and my wrist tat. A tat that given these recent revelations, maybe should instead read, SOWRONG.        

         However, and most importantly, is the fact that my decision to get the tattoo had absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Armstrong.  And consequently, these revelations do nothing to diminish the meaning that it has for me.  The tattoo was and will always be a symbol of the love that my father and I shared.

                                                                  Love ya Da:-).

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