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    Posted January 17, 2013 by
    Louisville, Kentucky
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    Banning Guns is Cowardly

    President Obama has announced he will push Congress to re-institute the ban on “assault weapons” and gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. First, let’s discuss “assault weapons” because most people do not understand how uninformed politicians tend to be vague when discussing this topic and the media puts a very large slant on the topic through fear mongering. No American, without a very special license, is allowed to own a machine gun (an automatic gun which fires as rapidly as possible when the trigger is pulled and held). Typically, anyone who has this license is an instructor for law enforcement or another type of instructor for which the license and weapon is required. Weapons currently viewed by most Americans as “assault weapons” are simply cosmetically different than a typical hunting rifle. In fact, most hunting rifles fire MUCH larger and more powerful rounds than these “assault weapons”.

    Next let’s discuss the size of the magazine which holds the rounds. If a person were to use a rifle such as an AR-15 in a mass shooting, they are likely to have limited themselves to how many people they can kill or harm. The operation of a rifle generally requires two hands, so this same person could be more effective and kill more people in the same amount of time by using two handguns. I know what you are thinking—“Not many people are ambidextrous.” However, if any person were to hold a gun in each hand such as a common 9mm or even a .22 semi-automatic, it’s very easy to point and shoot with either hand or both hands simultaneously. Most mass shootings are not happening at 50 yards where the shooter has to take aim, they are happening in close quarters, especially where the victims have limited options to exit. All they have to do is fire into the crowd and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Add this scenario the fact a person can wear belts with 30-40 ten-round magazines on them to add the Rambo effect and boost their ego. It takes a fraction of a second to eject a magazine and insert another one. The size of the magazine means nothing to someone destined to kill or maim a mass of people and nor does the type of gun.
    There are already bans on specific guns that would be too dangerous for society to own and most Americans fully agree with those laws (at least those that know they already exist). However, the existing bans and regulations President Obama is proposing is not likely to have any effect on crime. It is merely propaganda to make it appear that our leaders are doing SOMETHING about the issue.

    What happened after 9/11? America got tough. Most people expect there will never be another airplane hijacking, as well as many other types of crimes where citizens can overpower those trying to commit the crime. Airlines reinforced the cockpits of planes and the FAA put armed officers on flights. America did not cower and restrict flight lessons and beat up on the video game industry for flight simulator games. The topic of flight simulators was explored by the media but not from the aspect that it caused the hijackings.

    Perhaps the most confusing parts of the President’s speech today was when he stated that “This is the land of the free and it always will be and as Americans we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights no man or government can take away from us.” The President then goes on to explain how we must protect our children. How do we protect our children, our families, our property, if the government makes decisions based on what sounds good rather than what is proven? The answer is simple—we cannot protect ourselves to the best of our abilities based on the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America if we allow the government to encroach on those rights.
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