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    Posted January 16, 2013 by
    South Dakota
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    The missing conversation

    The gun control issue is missing one very important conversation. The tragedies we have witnessed are not due to a of lack gun control laws. They are due to the lack of appropriate and comprehensive gun training. If we move gun education into the class room, like we have added sex education and drug education, gun control would not be necessary. We need to understand that children need to be taught the real use of guns. They are used as a weapon to kill. They should never ever be pointed at another human unless the intent is to kill.
    We have a lack of appreciation for life in this great nation. There is no sanctity to human life. We have all kinds of fringe groups that will protect animal and plant life. There is little to no concern over the understanding of the precious nature of human life.
    Gun control will never fix violence. Limiting magazine capacities only affects the business that sell them. Military style guns are not for just the military. What the media calls a military style gun is really a varmint hunting gun. They are used every day to shoot coyotes and other rodents on the farm. An AR15 is not assault rifle. It is a gun that a small child can shoot for target practice.
    Understand this; many children are raised with a deep understanding and respect for guns. They have been raised with guns in the house. They have been raised to know that a gun is not to be played with or touched without an adult present. These children have not been allowed to play first person shooter games. They know that pointing guns at humans will lead to death. They understand the implications. Why can this not successfully be taught as elementary curriculum? Teach children how to handle guns appropriately. Teach the educators of our children not to be fearful around a gun.
    Just think how successful the government has been in teaching our children safe sex, just say no to drugs and that homosexuality is normal! These topics were never part of public education. Once the schools began these teachings, everyday parents that oppose these ideas or teachings are labeled extreme and out of touch. SO, bring gun education into the classroom. Teach children how to be good citizens by not shooting and killing each other in video games or in real life. Have law enforcement and the military assist in the education. Teach the children that guns in a society can be normal and healthy.
    The media is creating the gun control feeding frenzy. On any normal main street in America you will find people willing to own guns legally and unwilling to allow the government to take control of that ownership.
    Some people will find this idea of gun education too shocking and dismiss it as extreme. But think about it...If you teach children at a young age how to control themselves and their weapons, this world might become a much better place to live.
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