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    Posted January 18, 2013 by
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    Why do I have an AR-15

    I bought mine just to have for fun. People enjoy buying lots of different things that they don't really "need" We all have our interests in life and one of mine happens to be firearms. I enjoy going to the range or to the farm to shoot. On my AR-15, I like to accessorize it
    with different parts. My wife calls it my barbie doll because i enjoy dressing it up. It's not even close to the best choice for home defense. ( you cant beat a shotgun) We all enjoyed playing with our G.I Joes growing up. These are just grown-up toys that are fun to play with. It's that simple. If you don't understand that, thats OK with me and I wont scrutinize you for having a car that costs more per month than my house!
    No one could have felt sicker than I did to see what happened to those poor kids, but the gun-hating politicians think they've finally got their golden ticket for gun control. You can pass all the laws you think you need to and I guarantee in 10 years there will be no effect on keeping sick people from causing chaos!
    Does anyone remember Timothy McVeigh in 1995 when he killed 168 innocent people(including children in a daycare) in Oklahoma City? How many " assault rifles" did he use to do that...none. Bad people hell-bent on doing bad will find a way. You all better start focusing on them and not just the guns!
    Thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers each year but we dont seem to be shutting down bars or liquor stores! Hell, lets bring prohibition back while we're at it!!
    I would give my right arm up if those 20 kids could come back. Dont accuse me of belittling that tragedy. Its the politicians that are riding it's coattails. Im a law abiding, permit carrying, gun enthusiast that does not deserve to be denied his right to enjoy his hobby!
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