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    Posted January 18, 2013 by
    Louisville, Kentucky
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    Why Does Anyone Need An Assault Rifle--Answered


    Many people are asking the question "Why does anyone need an assault rifle?" Perhaps the more important way to ask this question is "Why is anyone against the ban of assault rifles?" First let's get one simple thing out of the way--these weapons are not automatic firing machine guns like the military uses. They are only cosmetically different from any ordinary hunting rifle. The two questions have the same underlying meaning depending on how you look at the questions. I will spare you the agony of reading about the Second Amendment because those arguments are all around us. The most important aspect of why there is opposition to banning assault weapons has to do with opening the door to the ban of more weapons. Right now assault weapons are the focus because of their use in recent mass shootings. When someone wants to kill or harm a mass of people, they generally take the easiest method available to them, whether it's a firearm, bomb, sword, poison or anything else at their disposal. Criminals are typically like water—they take the path of least resistance.


    With the recent mass shootings that involved AR-15 rifles, it only makes sense to ban those and other guns like them, right? Let's look at the scenario that is likely to happen if these weapons are banned. Since the assault weapons are banned and unavailable, a gunman changes his strategy and decides he will now use two semi-automatic pistols, each with 10 round magazines. Twenty rounds is not enough, though, so he purchases an additional 10 magazines and carries them on a belt to get the Rambo effect when his picture is plastered all over the media and his name is glorified for weeks. After each 10 rounds, he can change magazines in about half a second. Strategic problem solved AND his weapons and magazines are legal. Not only that, he has realized that with a gun in each hand, he can trap a mass of people in a classroom or theater and all he has to do is point at the crowd and shoot so he can now fire twice as many rounds in the same amount of time without even having to aim. After this happens, mentally ill people who plan such massacres begin to copy his method and improvise by adding their own elements to gain efficiencies and maximize kill rates.


    Given this scenario and the fact assault weapons are banned, semi-automatic handguns are now the issue. The same people would be then asking, "Why does anyone need a semi-automatic handgun?" The next obvious step by Congress would be to ban semi-automatic handguns. Then the next wave of mass shootings occur with revolvers that the gunman uses speed loaders to quickly load his six-shooter, or both of them, or he carries 10 revolvers in a trench coat into a theater.


    You see, the question is not "Why does anyone need an assault rifle?" The question is "Why should Americans allow Congress to start chipping away at our Second Amendment Rights based on the logic they use?" Using the current logic and allowing the ban of any weapons will only lead to the ban of more weapons until the American people are left with nothing to defend themselves from criminals or the government.

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