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    Posted January 18, 2013 by
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    Obama’s next four years

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    What I hope the President will do over the next four years

    There really is only one thing I would like the President to do over the next four years.
    If he does it, we would have a better chance of solving the problems which are plaguing our nation.

    We, the American public, don't seem to have learned anything over the last few years.
    We want Congress to put aside partisan bickering, but then we turn around and elect the exact same people, from both parties, who are at the core of the problem.

    Why would anyone think anything would change?

    Both sides are just following the same stupid agenda.
    Never find a compromise with the other side.
    Never take responsibility for your own failures.
    Always blame the other party.

    Both sides don't seem to care about what is best for the country, only what is best for themselves and their favorite pet project.

    This is the example that has been set, and many of us arm chair politicians fall right in line with the partisan bickering.

    We "follow" by example, we don't "lead".

    And that is what I would like the President to change over the next four years.
    Starting with himself!

    He needs to stop following by example.
    He needs to continue to find comprise, regardless if it's unpopular with his party or he himself doesn't want to.

    Don't dig your feet in so deep that there is no give.

    And just because some Republicans and Democrats have been known to use the "my way or the highway" mentality doesn't mean it's an acceptable behavior from the President.
    Remember always...
    You are our President. NOT our king.

    President Obama also needs to remember, as President, he belongs to the people, ALL the people.
    NOT the parties.

    And remember only half the country voted for him.
    There is another half who did not. And he answers to them just as much as those who elected him.

    Mr President it's time for you to start "leading" by example.
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