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    Los Angeles, California
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    Jesse Graham on his big break


    Hey there everyone its me Jesse Graham - I wanted to talk about my big break - cause i get a few people here and there that send me messages like - "i hope this is the year of your big break" - or "Hang in there you will get your big break"


    Well in response to this -let me first say thank you for

    hoping and wishing for my big break -however -yep -however-in real life -I am only concerned with being in the will of God Almighty -Yep - While i have tons of fans and friends - wanting me to get a big break so i can break them off a lil piece of bread, if you know what i mean.
    See for me I have always understood my place in this world that we live in -and my purpose for being on this earth since i was very young i already knew, and i understood a lot of principles to life, and have always tried to stay in tune with those things, like moderation on most things, including everything, and the Carma fx.
    and reaping and sowing. #2 -Have never had a major recording contract and I have never mailed a CD to any radio station. so when you hear my songs on the radio on the 80 or couple hundred radio stations that play my music
    -I don't know how they got a copy but i am glad they did-maybe they downloaded them from online, or left over from back in the day


    #3. I have only went on a very few auditions in
    Hollywood or anywhere for that matter.
    They are mostly looking for 5"10 or taller with blue
    eyes-too short and wrong eye color.


    #4 When i pray in the mornings i ask the good Lord to
    order my steps and that i be in the will of God
    this is my prayer daily,
    not good Lord send me Millions of dollars or a
    new car or any material thing.


    #5 I did like some live performances last year performing
    and traveling all around. the country mostly in the
    South - the reason i do it is because of the fans, they wanna see me sing live and have a good time - and sometimes some ones church have a special program may need me to come through and a lot of times there is little or no money -but i do it anyway because of the ticket buyers, and the people who spend good money on all of my music- and I still wanna work those who have treated me very well in the past.

    But if its your first time working with me and i am in the area - just let me know.


    so when you dont see me out there it's because -of various reasons including i

    am always in the studio - or Helping the Youths in the community plus i havent put out an album in a while but get ready !!

    #6 in regards to my big break - When you pray for me and my big break please recognize, that i Have played at the Grand ole Opera house in Nashville, I have been featured on U can rent National television commercials for years, i have hundreds of thousands of radio plays all over the world on radio - I had a dream to own a Mercedes as a kid -now i have owned about 5 of them
    I wanted to live and make music in Los Angeles California -now i am 10 years into that.

    my children have graduated from high school and are productive citizens, still in college, I played in Europe singing my songs no covers, including the country of Switzerland and others- what i am trying to say is that while some have been waiting on my big break i have been doing everything that i wanted in terms of goals, I have a picture with Mrs. Frances preston from BMI while she yet lived i met her and talked with her -she was a beutiful and super nice, and all in the will of God, -See God is my reason for living and when he instructs me to help someone i do it -
    i already know the day that i die -some one who has been down playing me is gonna say "he was a hell of an artist one of the best - legendary "- and thats cool all i gotta say is dont spend so much time wondering where my break is - but spend time asking yourself what have you done and when is your big break coming, cause my big break was when i met the Lord God at an early age of 8 years old, and he has been leading me and guiding me every since, including when i got to work with Great Politician Michael Thurmond for years, or

    with Sistaz for christ at Fred C. Prices church in Los Angeles, or when i performed a set with Dawnn Lewis and Kerry Gordy in Santa Monica, or what about Sherry payne former back ground singer for Dina Ross and the Supreme and don't let me forget when at the BMI awards chatting with James Ingram one of the best vocals ever, as a result of us having errbody sayin "Its getting Hot n herr"!!! Whoa Nellie
    And also look for me this year on Americas Got talent - that may be my "big break"

    oh there that goes again. there is no big break
    I just want to be in the will of God.

    Jesse Graha

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