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    Posted January 22, 2013 by
    Worcester, Massachusetts

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    Part I - Refuting some false claims of atheist parents


    By Josimar Salum

    There is a misguided conception in our American Culture that heaven is related to spirituality and the concept of hell is to make people scared or unsafe.

    Before heavens and earth were created there was God. God created a man and a woman according to His image and resemblance, later man and woman loosed their image and likeness with God.

    People are still scared and feel unsafe since their own inner structure is grounded on fear for completely ignoring who God is and the undeniable fact that their true identity is found only in God.

    After man and woman wanted to be independent from God, they created and venerated their own gods, images, features, manufactures, projections, creatures, productions, realizations, own concepts, sophisms, myths, even they themselves.

    All religions are the greatest plagues of any society, including atheism. Atheism in the same sense is a religion that believes there is no God i.e. they are non-believers.

    Christianism is a religion without the Image of God in the sense it is a set of interpretations, traditions, dogmas, perceptions, ecclesiastical structures and is led by “special people” on sacred leadership positions.

    Jesus Christ according to Scriptures is the Perfect Image of God and the complete and entire revelation of God.

    In the beginning were God and God on human time became man without ceasing of being God.

    Jesus Christ found no religion, He never spoke about religion, and His message was about a Kingdom overruling all over men's life and not about a ritualistic form of spirituality.

    Actually Jesus Himself proved to be a perfect man. Everything in His life and teachings were meant not to be a religion practice, much more detached of the wholeness of life.

    Everything and not some parts of human existence must be shared with the relationship with the Eternal God made human flesh in Christ Jesus.

    Anyone, even children, must meet and know God by themselves. A parent can’t experience God for their children and vice-versa.

    Children do ask tough questions about God and any atheist parent can elaborate any responses, but it will be only their own attempts to respond about someone they don't really know about.

    How can you know someone or something you don’t assume exist? How can you ever know specifically anything about God if you don't believe He exists?

    Even if today Jesus walks into a room full of atheists they will ever believe Him and much less accept Him as God, because for them God doesn’t exist much less as a God-man.

    Even if atheists parents read and interpret Scriptures they do based on the premise God’s does not exist. What will it profits if they read the book?

    If God is a legend or a tale they should not even have to talk about Him.

    So I felt compelled to respond the article well written “Why I raise my Children without God.” Published as an I-Report by CNN

    Here is my response to the following atheistic theological assertions:

    1)     God is a bad parent and role model.

    First the Scriptures attest there are no innocent people on the face of the Earth. We are all sinners. We are not innocents. The children and their parents aren’t.

    According to the Scriptures we all deserve death, because we all have sinned.

    Sin is a concept any atheist will never accept, because make accountable to God.

    If there is no God morality is reduced to a humanistic perspective. Humanism is about happiness and comfort for mankind. However God is about giving men who believe Him Eternal Life.

    Though it is a strong theological concept for many Christians, God doesn’t give free will for men.

    God gives men true freedom as they know Him intimately, but men have no “Free Will”. All have sinned and are all slaves of sin, except who has knowledge of Jesus, those who He has set free he gives them Freedom.

    “Free Will” maybe be the right to choose good or evil, however someone that is slaved by some behaviors, practices, vices or other stuff has no condition to choose anything unless believing in God, God Himself gives him the power to overcome those things.

    Not all men are children of God. Only those who receive Jesus are, i.e. those who believe Him.

    God does step in and guide all peoples with the revelation of His good will through the teachings of that Book atheists reject. They can’t say He doesn’t because they reject the Book.

    To be continued...

    Part II




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