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    Posted January 23, 2013 by

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    Rodeo Clowns

    A while back, deep in a youtube binge session, I stumbled across a video that made my blood boil, and my heart sink. I watched a documentary by the animals rights group SHARK that showcased the cruelty that animals endure during Americas favorite past time, the Rodeo.

    I’ve always been a bit of an animal lover. I don’t have a PETA keychain or run around slinging paint on to mink coats, but I do brake for squirrels and detest the idea of a helpless animal being mistreated, especially for mindless human entertainment.

    In this video you will see the outrageous treatment of these animals, you’ll watch them be violently roped, smashed in to railings, shocked with electricity to excite them. You will see them punched and kicked, drug around by their necks, being knocked unconscious and even being bitten, yes, bitten (aren’t the animals supposed to bite us?).

    If a video emerged of a dog or a cat being treated even remotely this way we would all be up in arms. Is it ok to treat cattle this way just because they aren’t cuddly or shy about leaving their droppings everywhere? I think not.

    I caution you that watching this video will disturb you. If this doesn’t disturb you, you may already be emotionally disturbed and should seek psychiatric care immediately because you’re likely a sociopathic homicidal maniac and need to be put on a balanced regiment of antipsychotic drugs before you snap and start eating your own toes.

    If this tugs on your emotions as it does mine, I would encourage you to share and help spread the word of the SHARK group and put an end to this nonsensical rubbish. This video has barely over a million views, which means that the world cares 1000 times more about a fella dancing around like a muppet than they do about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oopa as much as the next guy, but this might be a little more pressing and important.

    The link is below, watch the video and spread the word so we can stop these cowboy hat toting, marlboro red smoking rodeo clowns from from killing anymore animals just so they can have a chuckle while they eat their hotdogs.


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