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    Posted January 24, 2013 by
    Worcester, Massachusetts

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    Atheism and education of children


    By Josimar Salum


    In the United States our Freedom of Religion is covered by our Freedom of Expression. Everyone can express freely about religion, anti-religion and non-religion beliefs.

    Parents have the right to teach their own children anything they desire and atheists have the right to raise their children to embrace unbelief.


    For Christians God, the Almighty and Creator of all Universe, is the only one true God: Jesus Christ. All atheists and people of other religions have a problem and are offended with this assert. But Christians can express anything as everybody else.


    Christians call the Bible the book of God. But for many atheists is just a book of tales.

    When atheist parents are argued by their children about God I think they should respond their questions consulting the Bible instead of saying things they assumed about him


    Truly the “magic of Scriptures” can convince a child about Jesus as children do believe in “fairy tales” easily; this is the risk no atheist wants.

    If God is a legend or a tale, atheists should not even talk about him. As children ask about God atheist parents should simply answer: “- Son, daughter, you should not bother yourself about God! We should not talk about him because he doesn’t exist!”

    The problem of spending efforts to deny God is that God is all over the Earth and is all over everything in American society.


    Atheists in this country have been in a complex crusade to erase the concept of God from all places, from everywhere and everything.


    Whenever they can  “Ten Commandments pictures” are removed from all court and all Christian symbols from our schools. Now atheists want to see Christmas prohibited. They also fund all litigation on courts “to protect” the rights of anybody, per example, that is “offended” by a Christian phrase on a wall in a high school somewhere.


    The problem is there is always at least a littlest concept of God in values, moral and ethics on every aspect of the American life.


    Taking God out of America will not be successful without killing everybody who believes him. It is not a joke. But there will be always honest witness to tell the reason they were killed. It is impossible to erase God even from the questions of their own children.

    An agnostic, atheist, humanist or a free thinker will never admit that as "the religious fever" is lowered in our nation by their efforts, proportionally it soars immorality, corruption, violence, dissolving of marriages, suicide rates, unhappiness and emptiness of human beings and the relativism of human life, just to name a few.


    Sin is a concept any atheist will never accept, much less that all men need a Savior called Jesus.


    They can’t even grasp some understanding there is no Father like God who loving all His children gave His only Son to die on the cross for their redemption. And he didn’t abandon his sacrificed Son; he aroused him from the death, so that all his children having faith in him, they shall have eternal life.


    This God is not logical, but you can ask him anything, he is not limited to answer something depraving us from other answers. And millions of people testify God speaks with them practically daily.


    Maybe it will never make sense but God is not a God of controlling people. Freedom is the way God deals with all men. They are not obligated to do his will. They are free to want anything for them.


    As much as they say about Christians, likewise atheists can’t present own beliefs with the guarantee are right or true.

    Otherwise people thousands and thousands of people are transformed every day as they attest they have experienced God. Atheists don’t accept their testimony.

    I am almost totally sure all atheists have a problem with this question: Why do we suffer?


    Though God can protect all people, somehow all pain, all suffering, all disasters and all evil can contribute for the good of his children.


    God is not a distant thought, though he may not always deliver us from being harmed, he is an even present help in the midst of trouble.


    God is not fair either. Fairness is a concept of humanity. God is not fair as much man is not fair.


    Autistic children, babies born with heart defects, missing limbs and conjoined to another babies will not be like that forever.

    The miracle of love is that even those who are born that way find parents who love them the way they are. The miracle of Love is God therefore all suffering will surely end.

    For God’s children any kind of suffering is not forever.


    Is God unjust that gravity kills so many people?

    Is God unjust because men destroy forests in which have kept hidden viruses now liberated to invade men environment to kill so many, including children?

    Is God unjust because terrorists decide to destroy human lives as garbage is collected into fire?

    Is God blind and deaf when by their own decisions women are killing their babies in their wombs because they simply don’t want their babies being birthed to interrupt their lives?

    Is God guilty because some wealthy men decide to feed only themselves and ignore those who are dying of hunger?

    Is God unjust or we who we are?


    It is outrageous to find someone who doesn’t see that it is impossible we are the cold result of a millennial explosion or we come from a formless amoeba, if everything were originated by an accident or by some type of sorter.


    God is not surprised by anything. God doesn’t make us suffer to teach us, however he teaches us as we suffer.


    God teaches us through example. This is what Jesus, God who stepped on mud, mire, sand and dust of this planet did.


    Though people harm others because of their own hate, God gives the power of forgiveness to those he pours out his Love in their hearts.

    Men wants to make their own justice prevails but the most they get is another outbreak of violence and despair.


    Forgiveness prevails always.


    Is it not what Jesus did when he died on the cross so unjustly?


    Though he had died innocently he forgave all those who crushed and killed him, in fact, he forgave us all.


    Was not God unjust wanting Jesus to suffer and died? People forget that resurrection always overpowers death. Always after a dark night the sun shines in the morning and lighten everything.

    Assertions like if “a child doesn’t behave he or she will not receive gifts, that God is watching means that his morality will be externally focused rather than internally structured” is a caricature and an ignorant portrait of Jesus, the living God.


    It is clear that “he who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how he will not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?”


    For atheists who want religion to be held at a personal level, confined and kept in someone’s home is extremely averse what they have been doing. On the contrary they are working hard that atheism is free to go to permeate all society.


    Atheism is extreme selfishness as atheist parents want their children to be free to not believe. Unfortunately they will never be free because since childhood their parents wanted them to be like themselves, with their grandiose view of their own opinions, beliefs and a craving for self admiration.


    Christian parents who teach their children and educate them in their faith is not like atheist parents who impose to their children their will, of course not. Anyone who really knows what following Jesus means knows better the decision to follow him is personal and any man woman and child have to do by themselves.

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