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    Posted January 25, 2013 by
    New York City, New York

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    Since we ban marijuana, should we ban peanuts also?

    Thoughts on a few different things. I was watching a college basketball game played at the University of Alabma's homecourt. I don't think I am the only person who has realized this but the scarlet capital letter A on their mid-court looks just like the capital A that atheist commonly use to designate atheism. Of course, this is much more ironic that if this specific A was the symbol for Arizona instead of Alabama, the buckle of the Bible Belt.

    Remember how Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was attacked in 2004 for his war service in Vietnam? How he was swiftboated and how the right-wing made fun of his Purple Hearts? Even condemning him for shooting the enemy? Well, in 2008 John McCain ran for president and none of that happened to him. Nor should it.

    McCain, the 2008 Republican Presidential candidate, was and is a war hero in Vietnam. Democrats four years after the horrible attacks on Kerry, didn't put themselves down to the level as the right-wing smear attacks on Kerry. Shows you the major difference between the parties.

    Orrin Hatch, senior Republican Senator from Utah, supports marijuana being illegal. But, he supports no enforcement against health supplement companies that make false and misleading claims. There is no burden on these companies to show that a supplement ingredient is safe, until someone is already harmed.

    Now, I myself take supplements. I take grape seed, green tea, fish oil etc. for health reasons. Nothing wrong with supplements, but isn't it a little ironic that someone who supports virtually no regulation on supplements, which for the most part are all natural and not man made, also opposes all natural marijuana? Made by the supposed god of Orrin Hatch. What does Senator Hatch have against his supposed god's plan to make marijuana anyway? Maybe if a supplemental maker put marijuana in a bottle, which could do a lot of good for cancer patients, Hatch would then support greater supplement enforcement.

    Oh by the way, which is worse, peanuts or marijuana? About 100 or so people die each your from a peanut or nut allergy. An estimated 15,000 people visit a hospital/ER a year because of this. How many die from marijuana? Probably none. How many visit a hospital? Very few, and when they do, it is probably because of othe toxic things put in the marijuana because it is sold in an uncontrolled black market.

    I wouldn't want to create an inevitable black market peanut market. I don't want to make peanut butter illegal, but it just shows to show the absurdity of our anti-marijuana laws.
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