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    North Korea.....A CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER !

    E Pluribus Unum...one out of many

    That is the US motto and North Korea fully intends to challenge America's influence in Asia and to their way of thinking make a mockery of the US ! And America should ignore at their potential peril !

          I recently spent 10 months in South Korea carefully observing the  situation there. There's NO doubt in my mind that Seoul  is very worried  about NK and it's intentions and in my opinion the US forces there are  extremely vulnerable no matter how well trained or ready they are !  Nuclear devices can be contained in briefcases these days and sold to  America's enemies...the US should NEVER underestimate their adversaries !


    " We can not underestimate the potential harm North Korea's capabilities can cause for the rest of the world.
    Zach Wamp "      (Former Tennessee Congressman)


          I hate violence, but sometimes the best defence is an offence and  although I am reluctant and hesitant to say it...America might have no  choice but to make pre-emtive strikes on North Korea !
    I  posted on CNN about Kim Jong UN when he first took the reigns of  Pyongyang and I hoped he would NOT be a chip of the old blocks...but as  fate will have it it seems he is determined to keep the fire coals  burning and take off where his father and grandfather left off.
    One  moment he declares a new deal for the north and a peaceful reunion  with the south, the next he belligerently turns 365 degrees and starts  to threaten America and Seoul with nuclear rockets again.
          North Korea is rapidly advancing it's rocket technology and expertise,  their army has a unit who are involved with only rocket development,etc.  I firmly believe that if and when they have the necessary strength and  ability, together with their million plus goose stepping robotic army,  that they may well launch a full scale attack on the South and that if  the US interferes...they will launch nuclear missiles towards the US  West coast !
         As  a seasoned foreign correspondent and broadcast journalist I am against  hysteria and inciting panic...but all the indications are very clear to  this writer and they point towards rapid acceleration of nuclear  weaponry with the US as a target and objective !
         Kim Jong Un in his own words has made it very blatantly clear that NK's nuclear and missile advancement is about continued confrontation with the US and now he also threatens South Korea !

      President Obama needs this like a hole in the head...he has more than  enough economic and other domestic problems on his plate to absorb him  24/7 for his second term in office, but he MUST take the NK threats  seriously, which I'm sure he does......and yes he would be perfectly  justified to STOP NK's nuclear ambitions in defiance of the World and to  take ANY action necessary in so doing BEFORE it's too late !





    " A resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced  as to make avoidance impossible."
    — Thomas Hardy



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