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    Posted January 26, 2013 by
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    People with Guns kill People

    Gun violence in America is out of control. A gun is designed to cause immediate and serious bodily harm. Contrary to popular perception, it takes considerable training to use them for self defense. I know. I'm trained in self defense (more than a decade now) and I've fired just about every kind of firearm (except a missile launcher).

    A handgun is okay - its self defense value, I recognize readily, though gun owners should undergo mandatory psych tests every six months.

    If you folks really wanna play with assault rifles - trust me, it is not indicative of your masculinity - enlist, where assault rifles actually prove useful.

    They are called assault rifles for a reason. They are designed to commit to and use in assaults. (DING DING DING. Gun violence, hello?)

    Recently, a police officer killed his own wife and child, and then committed suicide - he was a good guy and licensed to carry firearm even in schools. Considering he was a police officer, he was certainly law-abiding. Take a hint.

    It only takes a bad day - and remember, people are emotional and not rational because their rationality depends on their emotional state at any given point - for a gun-toting law-abiding citizen to become a gun-toting maniac. Then people die.

    Anyone who argues they need an assault rifle for their personal security is either doing something they shouldn't be doing in the first place or needs to be committed to a psych ward.

    Anyone who argues it is just for a hobby needs to be committed. Period. What's next? "Oh, I love the sound of explosions. I want to make, own and maintain bombs in my basement, " speaking of which reminds me of a recent bombs for drugs/cash case . . . ?

    I wish the rest of us all the best from the likes of you.
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