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    Posted January 26, 2013 by
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    When Oil runs out


    I saw this on Netflix. "A crude awakening - The oil crash."


    Basically it's what most of us already know, but have been ignoring because we remain under the delusion that 'some other fuel' will replace Oil. The program suggests we have already reached the world's peak oil production (which means another 10-20 years max for it to run out). Already the Middle-East's production has started dropping and it's the last large reserves left in the world. Also, there are few replacements with equal potential (wind, solar, NG, bio-gas, ethanol, hydrogen etc are not efficient enough to meet production needs). And developing another technology as easy to extract/refine, and as efficient as fossil fuels, will take 50 years if not more. Politicians kick the can down the road because they don't want to be the one to give the bad news. So we are on our own when the **** hits the fan.

    So, basically a few things will definitely change when oil does run out in say 10-20 years : How we travel, how much we consume and how we live (if at all there is life after this). People will no longer be single-drivers in large gas-guzzling SUVs (because all SUV owners will be given brain-transplants and they would suddenly be more intelligent and considerate). Air travel will be only for the exclusively rich.  There will be wars, especially between the US, which consumes 25% of the world's oil, and other countries, most with unstable governments, in the mad scramble for the world's last surviving oil reserves. Most importantly, Suburban areas will disappear because we won't be able to travel 40-50 miles to work everyday (so something to consider if you're planning to buy a house). Unlike other countries which were designed before the industrial age, most of America was designed along with it, and hence the spreading out of it's suburban areas. When oil comes to an end, it will leave an urban design that is unsustainable. And lastly, on a lighter note, countries like India will survive the oil crisis well because of its 'poor' urban planning, owing to which everything is within 'walking distance'. There, I said it - in the end, something good came out of India's lack of urban planning. Besides, India does not need to be artificially heated or cooled in most parts (unless you are in Delhi or some parts of South India). So, please relocate to India now, if you can, before it's too late.
    We can do with a little more population growth:)

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