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    Posted January 25, 2013 by

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    China Beautiful Girl Very Helpful On Cracking Down Chinese offical's Corruption


    Look At the picture attached, her name is Zhao Hong Xia, she is a very beautiful girl who is a citizen of Chongqin City(China biggest city), her boy friend is Xiaoye, Xiaoye hates Chinese corrupted offical very much, they started to act, they sent many mobile phone messages to many officals,if any corrupted officals started to responded to them, they made appointments of chat, drinking tea, or having dinners with the Corrupted officals, while those officals took the girl to deluxe hotel room for sex, the girl started to film the corrupted officals in secretly, then made a video, by using this way, they have knocked down 10 high officals of Chongqin City( just now I  checked the video again, According to Phoniex Tv news that the girl 's boy friend has a company, in his company there are all beautiful girls,, Xiaoye trained all girls to attrack all high officals, once an offical went to bed with his girl, Xiaoye broke the door, starting to seize the corrupted offical, Normally Xiaoye beat all those high officals first, then they started to make deal, if the corrupted offical wanted Xiaoye not to expose his extramarital  scadal, the offical must give  out a lot  of government benefit to Xiaoye),.now Chongqing Police has seized The girl Zhao Hong Xia, Zhao Confessed even Chongqing City police themselves made video on corrupted police over extramarital scandals, there are still 7 video not exposed by now.Chongqin Police want these video, they try to capture the video holder, but the holder would not give out.We common Chinese people strongly support this girl, she is the girl who use beauty to crack down China corrupted officals. people had no other better way to tackling China Corrupted officals. we love this girl, as she prervented many many common people from Chinese offical's corruption harm.

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