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    Posted January 27, 2013 by
    MONROE, Louisiana


    Why is this story not being broadcasted on the Local News...It is..Local News

    ***Public Service Announcement***
    I am NOT a racist by far...But to say that this happened in Monroe and I haven't heard or seen this on the local news really disturbs me...I'm not sure if y'all read the Free Press..But y'all really do need to get this week's issue and read this article...
    For those who does not know...
    Apparently..The parents of a white girl found out that she was texting a black boy..The parents then went to Neville High School..to the school band room..and confronted the black 16 year old boy..Telling him that they would cut off his **** if he text their daughter again...Now to back it up a Lil bit...The kids took a school trip in November..There was a boy bus..And a girl bus...On their way back to Monroe..The white girl got on the boy bus...She got off when they made a stop at McDonalds for the school to eat...The boy denied any appropriate actions with the girl on the bus...He admitted to texting the girl before and after the football trip...but nothing more...When the boy's father went to the school board meeting to tell his son's story to the public about the parents confronting his son @ school..He was called into an executive session instead...After telling his son's story...The School Board Members had NO COMMENT!!!_The father works as a Janitor @ Lee Junior High...When he went to work after this incident..Their was a noose hanging in the janitor's closet..(Only the office and Supervisors have keys to the janitor's closet)...SMDH..The school would not tell the boy's father the names of the parents who came to Neville and threatened his 16 year old son..or how the parents knew what class the boy was in at that time...And the noose is still hanging @ the boy's father job in the janitor's closet @ Lee JrHigh...SMMFH...This happened here in Monroe,Louisiana
    ***My Questions***
    1. How did the girl get on a boyz only bus with the school...What happened to the chaperones?
    2. How did the school allow the girl's parents to go to the boy's classroom and verbally threaten him?With all the killings happening @ school these days...How did they allow this to take place...
    3. How did the noose get in the janitor's closet if only the Supervisors and front office have the keys?
    4. Where is the justice for this 16 year old boy? If the school would allow any one off the streets to confront and threaten a student in the classrooms...How safe are the kids @ school?
    This makes NO SENSE...Why the faculty @ Neville are hiding the identity of the white parents who threatened the boy on school campus..In the classroom!!?!??_I hope that the Monroe City School Board take actions on this incident...And charges need to be filed against the parents who threaten that 16 year old boy...This happened here in my hometown and had I not picked up this paper @ the shop..I still would not have known about it...So since I wasn't aware..And now is...I'm trying to spread this story to others who might didn't know..And if U don't believe me..Get this week's issue of the Free Press...It's in there..Front page...And continues on page 5 under Neville!!!
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