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    Posted January 28, 2013 by

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    Treason & Tyranny


    Recent events indicate that the Obama administration and ultra-leftist elements currently in elected office are stretching the bounds of power in an attempt to transform or ‘change’ our nation in a dramatic shift away from Constitutional law and our Republic political structure.


    The radical extremists specialize in political action geared toward undermining our existing system to replace it with a new structure that attempts to focus total power within the federal government entity.


    Their plan is simple:


    Marginalize the current system, our constitution, our laws, and the people that support them.


    Attack the system, constitution, laws and the people that support our Republic.


    Leverage the complicit media elements to achieve the above and to promote discussions of the dismantling of our constitutional laws and individual rights.


    Abuse power and test the limitations of our system through executive order, lies, deception and intimidation.


    Trajectory for conflict: This administration is pushing for total control by the federal government and to weaken individual liberties and constitutional law. This administration’s plan is air tight. We will either cave to the current demands of confiscation of liberty, or the administration will push hard enough to drive the country into a constitutional crisis and potential conflict. Either outcome works in the strategic scheme to the benefit of this administration’s goals. We can expect that before the end of this administration’s term, we will have either a constitutional crisis (conflict between certain states and the federal government); or we will see an increase in civil disobedience protests or a rise in incidents of real conflict between the people and the government.


    Realignment of the paradigm: This administration and its propaganda machine (media), has successfully taken the national dialogue high ground. By stating in political palatable terms that resonate in familiar tones, this administration has promoted radical, anti-constitutional policies that are extreme. They have attacked all that disagree. The new acceptable norm is the growth of the all powerful federal government at the expense of individual liberty.


    Our society has a political cancer called progressivism. But it is really beyond progressivism. The current administration by use of executive orders and continuing the anti-constitutional policies of prior administrations is reaching beyond the executive power afforded by our constitutional republic.


    I am concerned that this will all have an unfortunate outcome.

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