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    Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform

    Being an Illegal Immigrant


    We the People  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


    Spanish keep claiming their citizenship because of the Spanish expedition with Christopher Columbus whereas they were paid to assist in finding about five states, but they are not United States citizens.  George Washington realized that SPANISH were wanting to control the United States he went to war.  In other words, George Washington did not like the Spanish the war sent them to Peuerto Rico and other countries which are their native lands. George Washington later created the United State laws and Constitution which never listed any Spanish Founding Fathers but did have one African American Richard Allen.  Washington deemed Spanish as illegal immigrants because they are incompatible with United States citizenship in terms of not speaking English, Controlling, Loyalty to their Own People, Customs, Infringing and Manipulative. These people are not entitled to citizenship as their people are actually aliens looking to take over the United States. By legalizing illegal immigrants it will open a portal for billions of them to pour into the U.S. via a loophole.  And like George Washington Congress will have to initate a war to remove them. The United States fought a long yet hard war against SPANIARDS and their claim for equality is unfounded.  Although they receive special privileges, they are not due any entitlements!


    Illegal immigrants are not justifiable to receive United States citizenship. These people have many demands, needs and requests from the United States President whose main concern should be for American citizens. Illegal immigrants are wanting OPPORTUNITIES and Amnesty that United States citizens possess. However, illegal immigrants need to request these demands from their own native lands via their government and leader to change or meet the needs for jobs, housing, transportation, medical and education in Mexico, Brazil or other foreign countries. I am tired of seeing Spanish business with signs in Spanish like restaurants, shopping plazas, television shows, gas station Valero and grocery chains. There is even a Hispanic educational program which is way better than United Negro College Fund.  This will leave one race to appease illegal immigrants. The United States has gone above and beyond to care and protect ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Congress actually needs to take care of the United States and bring back jobs from overseas. There are over 11 million illegal immigrants preferably in California but together they are billions. Where will Congress place these people? Congress has proven to be weak in terms of allowing foreigners to migrate to the United States establish their business in their own language Spanish or Chinese and set their own rules. We the people deserve opportunities that we have not yet received from Congress in Medical benefits, jobs, housing and education. If they receive legal citizenship we might as well sell the United States to Russia because everything all people will suffer. I would like to see Congress Deport illegal immigrants to make way for JOBS. The JOBS are being occupied by illegal immigrants and its unfair!! Illegal Immigrants need to GO to THEIR Own COUNTRY and Complain to their leader or government for their rights of opportunities in getting jobs, education, medical, transportation and housing. Let illegal immigrants' government reform their Constitutional laws for their citizens because the United States does not need to REFORM the Constitution to accommodate illegal immigrants this is an invasion and they will take over!

    I question the outcome of these billions of illegal immigrants getting legal rights and privileges that they do not deserve from the United States. WE DO NOT OWE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS NOTHING!!! Congress needs to get control of this country and prohibit foreigners and their citizens to gain access, secure borders, make stricter laws to block them from wrongfully entering the U.S., grant pardons but give punishments but Do Not Legalize Illegal immigrants this allows a whole country to enter the United States for an INVASION!

    Why should I learn SPANISH as a United States citizen and they NEVER bother to SPEAK ENGLISH!!  There is already enough competition between races but one race will sink to the bottom. When it comes to getting a job at an interview and illegal legalized immigrants are wanting the same positions, they will most likely get it!  Oh Congress don't feel sorry for Illegal Immigrants, listen to the United States citizens hear our cries and woes!  Remember illegal immigrants have their own country and want to control the United States they come not in packs but by millions until one day you awake and realize the catastrophe you allowed to happen. IF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS CAN UNIFY TO  CHANGE the United States Constitution via REFORM than They should do so in THEIR OWN  NATIVE LANDS!! Congress is WEAK!  Moreover, Congress you are creating all of these special privileges and laws to help or aid illegal immigrants but you have yet to change one law to benefit this country!!! How is legalizing Illegal Immigrants going to BENEFIT the United States in this declining economy?!!  We already have people running out of unemployment benefits, jobless, losing battles to education, uninsured for medical help, homeless, student loans, not finding jobs, losing jobs and Congress only CONCERN is to Legalize Illegal Immigrants!  There are millions of problems within the United States and Congress chooses to legalize illegal immigrants before helping the United States people and this failing ECONOMY! These people are deemed illegal immigrants during the signing of the Constitution and the founding forefathers realize that granting them U.S. citizenship would never work!!  Congress your ALLEGIANCE is with the United States, you should take care of HOME first.

    Illegal immigrants constantly mention or chant while protesting and holding their signs "migrants help founded the United States" bologna the Founding Fathers are not immigrants."  The only African American Founding Father to the Constitution is Richard Allen.  Therefore, African Americans are entitled to their 40 acres and a mule, if illegal immigrants can get their citizenship.

    At first, I felt sympathy for Illegal Immigrants but realized that they are FAKE and want to take control of the United States. Congress says Equality for all people but how is there equality if the United States people are homeless, jobless, uneducated and without medical assistance.  All of these issues are  rising because Congress refuses to DEPORT Illegal Immigrants!!  These people live here tax-free, receive college degrees without proper documentation and secure all types of  jobs!!  This problem will make it hard and more difficult for one race!  Congress will squeeze billions of illegal immigrants into the United States to give them access to jobs, housing, education, transportation and medical which they should receive from their own countries!!! In other words, Illegal Immigrants have so much VOICE and POWER whereas Congress jumps when they hear their words!! Congress who is your ALLEGIANCE WITH the United States of America or Foreign Countries and their Citizens?!

    I have read millions of signs being held from illegal immigrants "Obama where is the Reform? Amnesty We Deserve to be United States Citizens!" Its ok for illegal immigrants to cry about being deported and wanting citizenship but its disapproved for United States citizens to speak against their actions!! Why is Congress bending the Constitutional laws to aid illegal immigrants? They need help, but the United States citizens need help the most!! Again, the United States is always trying to help others as though Congress is winning BROWNIE POINTS OR RECOGNITION AWARDS! Most people don't care if Congress legalizes Illegal Immigrants they listen to the President and decide its a good idea since the government says so, but who will BENEFIT from bringing to this country billions of foreigners that mostly never speak ENGLISH?!  Furthermore, Congress how will you control illegal immigrants by legalizing them and have not stopped them from entering the U.S illegally?

    To me, the United States citizens will be at a LOST made to suffer through many trials so that illegal immigrants can live freely and happily in the United States of America. Why should the United States citizens be made to suffer we already suffering and this will add INSULT to INJURY!!! Legalizing immigrants want effect politicians or the rich, so what you trying to say Congress?!! Congress how can you accommodate no jobs, bringing in billions of foreigners to legalize for the BENEFIT of the United States constitution?!!

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