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    Posted January 29, 2013 by
    Dayville, Connecticut

    CT Inspector Enters 35th Day of Hunger Strike to Battle Corruption

    I have been on a hunger strike for 35 days in an attempt to battle corrution and fraud involving infrastructure in the states of CT and Mass. This hunger strike is directed at the two governors of those states. While I understand that they do not see everything that occurs within their respective states, they are still responsible to act when made aware of a potential problem. I am seeking specific reforms and justice to try to prevent this type of thing from happening in the future. First let me say that I have offerred to submit to lie detection technology ( I prefer the MRI method) to back up any statements that I have made, but the power structure in either state is not interested in investigating these accusations. All accusations I have made were included in my submitted reports to the relevent authroties. So I am not saying anything now that I was not saying then. After becoming a whislte blower I was removed from the projects. This must change. How can an inspector be effective if they lose the job for telling the truth. The answer is that an inspector can not do their job, and had better keep the powers that be happy, by telling them what they want to hear. In America we have failed to maintain our infrastructure in a good manner. As a result we must spend billions over the next deade (s). If we do not empower inspectors to act as the law on these projects and enforce the specifications it is the tax payers that will lose out. The billions will be lost to shoddy work and corruption.
    When I first began this hunger strike I had no reaction from the state governments involved. I think they were hoping I would give up and go away. After 23 days passed (17JAN13) things began to happend all in a 24 hour window +/-:
    1. State Senator Donald Williams assistant (Steve Palmer) contacted me to ask that I turn all information over to Patty Wilson (Public Accounts).
    2. I sent Patty Wilson the information and she went on vacation (she still is from what I am told).
    3. Senator Donald Williams (the same day his assistant contacted me) contacted the CT Capital Police to insist that I was making threats via email and he demanded they investigate.
    4. My professional email was hacked and the CT DOT3 (I accussed of corruption) made an accusation that I was trying to hack them with a virus.
    Number #3: The Capital Police showed up at my house with one state trooper and two emergency clinical therapists in tow. the capital police stated that they found nothing threatening in my emails but also warned me that some were willing to try and spin them in a way the were not written. The police Cpl. stated to me that she read the Senator the phrase I wrote, "that at no time will I become violent or a threat to anyone". The senator insisted it was threatening none the less. The two clinical therapists asked me questions and then determined that I was not a threat to myself or anyone else. Note: The irony is not lost on me, considering that I am on a hunger strike.
    I have since called several radio stations and asked the Senator to release my emails and justify his actions. Police and therapist costs the taxpayers money. I consider his accusation an abuse of power.
    Last Friday 25Jan13, the state police showed up and took me into custody and demanded I accompany them to the emergency room. After a 12 hour span, yet another therapist and a psychologist both agred that I was to be released and that I was not a threat to myself or anyone else.
    To date I have been cleared by a grand total of 3 therapists and one psychologists, all saying the same thing.
    Why do we allow powerful people and institutions to use the mental health field as a weapon to silence those they consider a problem? If you ever wonder why people who need help will not seek it, here is a shinning example of how mental health is abused. As for me: If these politicians think these actions would shame me or intimidate me they could not be more wrong. These actions only show a larger pattern of government abuse of power.

    The governors were given warning prior to the start of the hunger strike but had no interest in talking to me out. They have no interest in my submitting to lie detection technology (MRI) to prove out my accusations. WHY.....???
    I have the two letters I sent the governors highlighting specific types of fraud/corruption, and will attach them if I get means to do it. these documents I sent to the governors are notorized.
    I was a whistle blower and paid the price, now I am a non-violent activist commited to pushing them into the light. I am pretty sure they just want me to go away and I will not. The corrupt in American society must be shown that they can be challenged and exposed.
    I am not shy and will answer any questions you might have. i am also willing to do video or audio if there is any interest.
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